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28 Feb 2017
The second set of the virtues are Simplicity, Service and Sacrifice – the virtues that ensure that your leadership endures and that its impact lasts beyond your time.
13 Feb 2017
The term leadership is a concept that is as old as when man woke up to the need to organise himself and to take charge of his environment in pursuit of ordered existence on the planet earth.
27 Jan 2017
In the wisdom age, leadership has gone beyond the depth of having ability to find solutions which are hard to describe and instinctive knowledge concerning what is really going on behind the scenes humanly speaking.
24 Jan 2017
There is so much that needs to be said about this evil called corruption, and we all need to start being brutally honest about it, so that we can deal with it.
12 Jan 2017
Nigerians desire an economic development that is all inclusive and citizens oriented and not just one that ensures for the benefits of a few who have become ‘vultures of fortune’ on the...
11 Jan 2017
The greatest events in the universe are, sometimes, not as great as the famous men and women who powered them into being, as unique events are ushered in by unique men and women.
13 Dec 2016
Erstwhile British Prime Minister, David Cameron was in his 40s when he took the helm, a graduate of one of British most notable institutions, Oxford.
27 Nov 2016
Just like my mentor will always say, ‘trapped within every human is a hidden leader.’ I believe the subject of leadership is crucial in all human endeavour.
25 Nov 2016
Leadership is a powerful tool to great accomplishments for any team or organization. The sum total of skills or abilities in a team is not as important as the leadership of that team.
28 Oct 2016
Leadership is a creative lifestyle which shapes the future of the system that drives the progress of humanity. It determines where we are going to as a generation.
21 Oct 2016
There is no better time to do what you are deeply passionate about and be the best in the world than in this day and age. This is the right time to prove your capacity to lead through your empowering voice.
14 Oct 2016
Excellence is a leadership challenge which you ought to focus on, in order to prove your capacity of leadership. Excellence of leadership is the creativity that gives especial worth or value to leadership.


8 mins ago
A twenty eight year old transgender Hale, opened fire at Covenant School in Nashville killing six people. According to Daily mail, Hale drove to the Covenant School and opened fire randomly, leading to the death of three 9- year old students and three staff members. Hale was shot dead in a reactive open fire by…
32 mins ago
The Nigeria Centre for Disease and Control and Prevention (NCDC) says in less than three months, the country has registered 784 confirmed cases of Lassa fever with 142 deaths across 23 states.
51 mins ago
Caution prevailed in Israel Tuesday after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed to pause controversial judicial reforms which sparked a general strike and mass protests, with the crisis far from over.
1 hour ago
The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has appointed its Deputy National Chairman (North), Ambassador Umar Damagum, as acting national chairman. The National Working Committee (NWC) of the party which announced the appointment after a brief meeting, explained that the action was in line with the ruling of court. A Makurdi High Court presided over by Justice…
1 hour ago
Tunisian authorities have started cutting off drinking water at night in areas of the capital and other cities, residents said, in what appears to be a bid to reduce consumption amid a severe drought.