Monday, 17th January 2022
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Lee Kuan Yew

11 Nov
The time is auspicious for the handlers of Nigeria to draw a lesson from countries like Singapore by having the state/Nigeria industrialised to help solve the nagging problem of unemployment.
9 Mar 2021
During an address by Harvard Political Professor, Samuel Huntington, in August 1995, at Taipei, he was, among other things, asked of his impression about Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew’s effort to develop Singapore...
2 Dec 2019
In spite of our geopolitical tensions, polarization, ethnocentrism, mismanagement, hedonism, and penchant for wealth accumulation; and our bizarre entity and the state of hopelessness in Nigeria
10 Oct 2018
It is particularly a modern habit to think of politicians as bridge that link development to the people through providing social infrastructure, services and job creation among others. Therefore, no one can accuse Nigeria’s politicians of not speaking frankly during campaign for elections of what they intend to achieve or bring to the people as…
12 Nov 2017
It should be noted that Singapore’s education system was not designed de novo by Mr. Lee and his colleagues. Rather, it was built on the very solid foundations inherited from Singapore’s British colonial past.
3 Jul 2017
Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong on Monday rejected claims from his siblings that he abused power and engaged in nepotism as he faced parliament over a family feud that has shocked Singapore.
2 May 2017
Truthful, committed and dogged in his political struggles, he remains today the most respected politician in Nigeria and in Oyo State and the undisputed leader of the Oke Ogun people.
25 Mar 2017
Amos Yee, 18, shocked Singaporeans in March 2015 after posting an expletive-laden video attacking Lee as the founding prime minister's death triggered a massive outpouring of grief in the city-state.
25 Oct 2016
We conclude our three-part summary of the book From Third to First World by Lee Kuan Yew, hoping to glean insights for our use as a nation in transition.
12 Oct 2016
In history, both in ancient and modern times, no nation has ever become truly great without science, technology and innovation. Indeed, developed nations are those that embrace science, technology and innovation, while others that do not, remain undeveloped.
27 Sep 2016
We continue with the summary of the book From Third to First World by Lee Kuan Yew, hoping to glean insights for our use as a nation. “I, [Lee Kuan Yew] gradually crystallized my thoughts and settled on a two-pronged strategy to overcome our disadvantages.
30 Aug 2016
How do you set out to manage and develop a nation? Is there a right or best way? Is there even a universal one-way or a set of options? Should we begin after we know or should we experiment ourselves to success...


14 mins ago
The Nasarawa State Police Command has confirmed the arrest of Mr Dan’asabe Eddo, a 43-year-old man, for allegedly raping an 80-year-old woman in the state.
23 mins ago
A father and his son have died after inhaling kerosene fumes while trying to manually drain a filled septic tank at Road Five in Rumuekini Community, Obio-Akpor Council, Rivers State.
28 mins ago
There are a great number of Nigerian graduates out there, still seeking white collar jobs (WCJs), despite the fact that their arrow has not hit the target, which is the job of their dream. Frankly speaking, these youths have a share of the blame, as well as the Nigerian society.
34 mins ago
About 1.5 million tablets and capsules of pharmaceutical opioids such as Tramadol, Exol-5 and Diazepam loaded in Onitsha, Anambra State and heading to Yauri, Kebbi State have been intercepted in Edo State by operatives of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, NDLE....
37 mins ago
The solution to Nigeria’s myriad problems lies in the election of good leaders, says Jigawa Renaissance Group (JRG). Led by Mohammed Mash, the new political group, in a statement, yesterday, tagged ‘The Unending Growth of Poverty, Hunger, Insecurity...