Tuesday, 7th December 2021
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21 May 2016
I think I drive myself. I am self- motivated. I love challenges, I love to work and I love to work under pressure this brings out the best in me especially when the deadline is looking at me.
21 May 2016
My husband and I are like most couples going through life.  When the going gets tough, friction rises and that causes us to argue more.  
21 May 2016
it has been therapeutic for me. Reliving these moments have put things back in perspective for me especially now that I’m at a point where I need to make some big decisions…that’s talk for later.
9 Dec 2015
Do you want to have a successful relationship and live like a married couple without the contract? In recent times, the game has changed when it comes to modern romance. Potential life partners are chosen in swipes, commitment rings are gaining popularity over their engagement counterparts, and couples are getting committed around the same time they start to sprout their first grey…
7 Dec 2015
Still on this communication issue! We learned last week that when we communicate (click here), we send messages.We also learned that the way these messages are presented and received is usually what causes friction in our relationships. In essence, last week, we ‘talked’ about how to talk and this week, I’d like to discuss how…
28 Nov 2015
Let’s get down to business!!! It isn’t enough any longer to listen to “empty” advice from loved ones, open self-help books or watch impressive TED Talks on how to communicate, without getting REAL LIFE examples on how to execute such amazing advice. As much as I coach couples on how to effectively communicate, I like…
21 Nov 2015
“I Talk! Talk!! Talk!!! But never seem to get through to my spouse.” Most people think that communication is mostly about telling their spouse what they are doing wrong that rubs them the wrong way, and in essence, getting all that anger off their chest and feeling better that they have communicated their feelings to…
9 Nov 2015
Unconditional love! So important, yet contrived in marriage to mean that one should be martyred for the sake of love. You get married to your heartthrob; start living life together and then BOOM, the whole thing explodes because marriage isn’t as perfect as you thought it would be. Reality has hit, people are not always…
3 Sep 2015
Dating just got harder for Indonesian teenagers in West Java, with a local leader on Thursday threatening to ban late-night trysts and marry off young couples caught out after dark. If a new regulation goes ahead as planned on October 1, teenagers in Purwakarta, a local district about 100 kilometres from the Indonesian capital Jakarta,…


55 mins ago
Fan Milk Plc, makers of well-loved ice cream brands including Fan Ice and Go Slo, today unveiled its newly completed state-of-the-art frozen dairy product line in Ibadan, Oyo State. Fan Milk Plc is part of the Danone group, a world-leading food company (# 1 globally in fresh dairy products). This new product line is proof of Fan Milk Danone’s commitment to propelling socio-economic growth and investment in Nigeria.
55 mins ago
Top US scientist Anthony Fauci said Tuesday early indications suggested the Covid-19 Omicron variant was not worse than prior strains, and was possibly milder while cautioning
1 hour ago
The chairwoman of a fan-led review of English football on Tuesday rejected claims that its recommendations risked "killing the golden goose" of the globally successful Premier League.
1 hour ago
Kyle Walker was shown a late red card as Manchester City suffered a shock 2-1 defeat at RB Leipzig Tuesday, but City still advanced to the Champions League's last 16 as group winners.
1 hour ago
Barcelona coach Xavi Hernandez on Tuesday called on his side to "make history" this week by handing Bayern Munich their first home defeat in the Champions League's group stages since 2013.