Wednesday, 7th December 2022
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Matthew Hassan Kukah

19 Jan 2021
Nigeria is in dire straits, and the government of the day is burying its head in the sand like a woebegone ostrich. It takes tremendous courage to speak truth to power, especially at this time...
15 Jan 2021
Speakers at the second Never Again Conference (NAC), which was held virtually yesterday, have declared that only a new constitution, justice, equity and obedience to the rule of law could guarantee Nigeria’s unity and stability.
Olusegun Obasanjo
6 Jan 2021
Fifty-one years after the Nigerian civil war, former President Olusegun Obasanjo, Catholic Bishop of Sokoto Diocese, Most Rev. Matthew Hassan Kukah and First Republic Minister of Aviation
5 Oct 2020
I want to first thank God Almighty the Father of all creation and the maker of Heaven and earth. Strange as it may sound, I would like to thank the colonial masters who wove our diverse peoples together...
29 Nov 2019
The first thing I did in memory of Tam David West was to say a decade of the Rosary for the repose of his soul. The Rosary is a prayer that is an expression of devotion and honour that the Catholic Church...
30 Jan 2019
Ambassador of the United States (U.S.) to Nigeria, Stuart Symington, former Secretary General of the Commonwealth, Emeka Anyaokwu and Catholic Bishop of Sokoto Diocese, Matthew Hassan Kukah,....
30 Oct 2018
In what appears like a classic case of momentary loss of memory or even deliberate forgetfulness, president Buhari fired his missile at religious leaders...
21 Apr 2018
The Catholic Bishop of Sokoto Diocese, Dr. Matthew Hassan Kukah, has observed that the culture of ‘mind your business’ has no room in Christianity.
3 Apr 2018
Sir, This is Easter season when Jesus of Nazareth is weeping that the people called Christians have ritualized his own death as ransom for human sins...
26 Nov 2017
For the purpose of our reflection, there are those who might be tempted to argue that Nigeria is where she is today because she has allowed...
23 Nov 2017
On February 24, this year, I delivered the convocation lecture for the University of Abuja, titled, Though Tribe and Tongue May Differ: Managing Diversity in Nigeria.
16 Nov 2017
Global attention was, in an uncanny way, drawn to the carnage that was the Asaba massacre via a one-minute informercial placed strategically mid-way into the highly informative Global Public Square...


7 mins ago
Minister of State for Niger Delta Affairs, Sharon Ikeazor, has lamented the escalating violence against women in the political arena as the country prepares to hold elections next year.
1 hour ago
Ahead of the 2023 poll, a coalition of civil societies of Nigeria (CCSN) says it was incumbent on the judiciary to be impartial to safeguard democratic rule in the country.
1 hour ago
Many stories have been told about Nigeria’s culture and lifestyle. As home to millions of diverse people, Nigeria is very broad in terms of its climate, geography, vegetation, ethnicity, language, culture, and religion. Yet even with the underlying divisions that cut across Nigeria, there is one particular street food that serves as a string of…
1 hour ago
The Interim Administrator of the Presidential Amnesty Programme, Maj Gen Barry Tariye Ndiomu (rtd) has solicited the support of the Police high command in the recruitment of ex-agitators to its rank and file and officers' Corp.
1 hour ago
Brittle Paper has shared its 100 notable African books of 2022 list.