Monday, 27th June 2022
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Mick Jagger

7 May
A powerful explosion due to a suspected gas leak ripped through a luxury hotel in central Havana, killing at least 22 people Friday, according to official tallies.
2 May 2020
Rock legend Mick Jagger and Hollywood's Will Smith will be among dozens of international and Bollywood stars taking part in a four-hour concert Sunday to raise funds for the battle against coronavirus in India, where the number of cases is surging.
7 Sep 2019
Rock legend Mick Jagger attacked US President Donald Trump for his rudeness and lies Saturday and for "tearing apart" environment controls when America should be setting the standard for the world.
8 Apr 2019
Rolling Stones singer Mick Jagger updated fans on his health, one day after undergoing a heart valve replacement procedure in New York. The 75-year-old rock legend is expected to make a full recovery and he took to Facebook on Friday to tell fans how much he appreciates their support. "Thank you, everyone, for all your messages of support,…
1 Jan 2019
For many people around the world, it is only in their wildest dreams can they get to live in a remote Irish castle for the holidays. One of such people is not Taylor Swift because she got to live out the fantasy over Christmas. It is reported that the multiple award-winning singer and her beau Joe…
kanye west
24 Oct 2018
It seems multiple Grammy award-winning rapper Kanye West has his sights set on becoming the next Mick Jagger because we have learnt that the rap star is gunning for the title of the new king of rock 'n' roll. Sources close to the Famous rapper claim that his team at Def Jam submitted Kanye for…
28 Jul 2017
Rock legend Mick Jagger has released a new track called "England Lost" that reflects the soul-searching in Britain since the Brexit vote in what he said was "a difficult moment in our history".


27 mins ago
  The 22nd annual BET Awards, which honour the works in music, cinema, television, and sports that have had the greatest cultural effect in the previous year, did not disappoint. High-profile individuals from every sphere of the entertainment industry received awards at the ceremony, which was hosted by Taraji P. Henson and took place on…
46 mins ago
Xiaomi’s mid-range offering is fast gaining global attention and taking consumers by storm. The brand announced over 250,000,000 users globally in March this year, this equates to around 1/3 of the population in Europe. With this popularity, the Redmi Note Series has undoubtedly proven to be a leader in the segment, and an entry level smartphone that deeply resonates with consumers. 
4 hours ago
With the high level of unemployment and underemployment, prolonged strikes by the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) and its polytechnic counterpart, Academic Staff Union of Polytechnics
4 hours ago
For a country to rank high in the global economy, serious attention must be given to the development of a credible and stable capital market.
4 hours ago
In solidarity and shared learning, an increasing number of Nigerian youths from Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt to Uyo, are exploring opportunities in the global financial market to create wealth and reduce the scourge of poverty.