Saturday, 4th February 2023
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Moji George

2 Sep 2018
Thoughts about heaven and hell, and especially the implication they have for individuals of faith continue to dominate religious discourse at home and abroad. In the Church of Christ, Scientist, the teachings of Christ Jesus form the basis for understanding such Scriptural and doctrinal issues.
22 Jul 2018
In the Church of Christ, Scientist, when it comes to the healing of sickness, sin, sorrow or any untoward human situation, it is taught and accepted that God alone heals. This is based firmly on the teaching of Christ Jesus and his disciples, as contained in the Bible.
12 Nov 2017
For Christian Scientists, they show forth the spiritual vision of the first chapter of Genesis, in which God has created man and woman in the divine image and likeness.
24 Sep 2017
According to Christian dogma, one of the doctrinal points in the church is the inseparability or unity of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. It has been called the Holy Trinity, or the three persons of the Godhead.
6 Aug 2017
The Bible instructs to resist the devil, or temptation, and it will flee - James 4:7. Many attribute temptation to a personal devil, an embodiment of evil having power to afflict hapless humanity.
9 Jul 2017
There is strong advocacy for audible prayer within many churches. There are a number of good reasons for this. Usually, a child learns to pray through the example of audible prayer; some pastors encourage praying aloud to ensure alertness and active participation...
21 May 2017
The most common explanation within the Church of partaking of Christ’s nature is being born again. Jesus told Nicodemus (John 3:7), that in order to be saved and gain eternal life, he must be born again.
7 May 2017
Within the churches in Nigeria and even outside the church, there continues to be considerable debate about giving tithes. In its most basic and literal form, a tithe is the tenth part.
22 Jan 2017
The Passover, which God instituted for the Jews (Exodus 12:14), was a symbolic meal eaten before they left the bondage of Egypt for the freedom of The Promised Land.
15 Jan 2017
As most Christians know, baptism is one of the seven sacraments or religious rites of orthodox Christianity. John the Baptist, a Jewish Nazarene and relative of Jesus, established baptism in Christendom.


4 mins ago
The Police Command in Ebonyi has launched investigation to fish out the perpetrators of the attack on Prof Bernard Odoh, the Gubernatorial Candidate of the All Progressive Grand Alliance...
17 mins ago
Most traders and buyers have resorted to the use of online cash transfer because of the shortage of cash in the system following the Federal Government’s directive on Naira cash flow...
27 mins ago
A 16-year-old girl was killed Saturday after being mauled by a shark as she swam in a river in Western Australia, officials said.
35 mins ago
A Sumatran tiger believed to have attacked and injured farmers in Indonesia's westernmost province of Aceh was captured on Saturday after a days-long hunt.
1 hour ago
A gang of cattle thieves has killed 41 vigilantes in Nigeria's troubled north in a forest ambush, police said.