Wednesday, 25th May 2022
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19 Dec
When our father Moses was on Mount Sinai, he was given tablets of stones forged with fire by God, containing the 10 Commandments to regulate and govern the lives and activities of the Israelites.
23 Feb 2020
God had a job for Moses, but Moses presented reasons why he wasn’t fit for the job. He questioned his own ability, identity, faith and credibility.
14 Jul 2019
Categories of Prophetic Types. We can identify at least four different patterns in which the OT points forward to and is prophetic of the coming of Christ in the NT.
10 Feb 2019
Are you in a situation where you think your abilities are insufficient or past learning does not match? You have limited capabilities, and people will not accept you? The Lord is beckoning to you, and is ready to take you through. When Moses was called by God to lead the Israelites, He knew he lacked…
10 Feb 2019
In this series, we are going to connect what exists within the biblical text with the material realities of poor, oppressed people within history, thereby seeking to bring the two into a critical conversation. God’s decisive entering into history in order to liberate God’s people from the shackles of bondage and slavery in Egypt is…
13 Nov 2016
They proceeded on their journey, came to Eshcol, and cut down a branch with a cluster of grapes, which they bear between two of them upon a staff.


4 mins ago
It’s our duty these days to consider the impact that all of our habits and hobbies have on the planet. 
7 mins ago
The Federal High Court, Abuja, on Wednesday, refused to grant an ex parte application filed by Mr Farah Dagogo asking the court to stop the gubernatorial primary election of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Rivers.
8 mins ago
The Gambian government said Wednesday it is willing to prosecute former dictator Yahya Jammeh for a "myriad of crimes" committed by the regime during his more than 20-year rule.
19 mins ago
The Anambra Government has confirmed the death of 14 children from a measles outbreak in nine local government areas of the state.
23 mins ago
President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday signed a decree simplifying the procedure to get a Russian passport for residents of the southern Ukrainian regions of Zaporizhzhia and Kherson.