Sunday, 5th December 2021
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29 Nov
With travel restrictions being reinstated against a number of countries in southern Africa by the United Kingdom, United States of America and Singapore, among others..
29 Nov
For all the gains that the Presidential Steering Committee on COVID-19 has achieved by mounting safety guidelines against the coronavirus pandemic, its reluctance to policy review is unscientific
28 Nov
A new, heavily mutated Covid-19 variant spread across the globe on Sunday, shutting borders and renewing curbs as the EU chief said governments faced a "race against time" to understand the strain.
15 Sep
As some world leaders gather in New York for their annual United Nations (UN) General Assembly rituals, the 22 September debate on “Reparations, Racial Justice, and Equality for People of African Descent” to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the 2001...
18 Jun
The World Health Organisation (WHO), yesterday, alerted that COVID-19 cases and deaths in Africa surged by over 44 per cent and 20 per cent respectively, in one week, as the continent’s third wave
4 Jun
Namibia on Friday said a 1.1 billion euro development budget offered by Germany as compensation for an early 20th century genocide by colonial troops was "not enough" but would be revisited as funding is rolled out.
3 Jun
Descendants of victims of massacres committed by German colonisers -- recently recognised as a genocide -- have scoffed at the agreement between the Namibian government and the southern African country's former rulers.
28 May
Germany for the first time on Friday recognised it had committed genocide in Namibia during its colonial occupation, with Berlin promising financial support worth more than one billion euros to aid projects in the African nation.
23 May
It is said that the beautiful country of Namibia is Africa for beginners. The Southern African country is famous for its other-worldly scenery, ethereal starry skies, stunning coastline, colossal dunes, vast deserts, incredible wildlife, and epic adventure opportunities! Officially known as the Republic of Namibia, the country shares its western border with the Atlantic Ocean…
3 Dec 2020
A politician named after infamous German politician and leader Adolf Hitler has won a seat at a Namibian election - but says he has no plans for world domination. Adolf Hitler Uunona, who was elected with 85 per cent of the vote told Bild that he had "nothing to do with" Nazi ideology. He won…
3 Apr 2020
Subscribers, especially data customers may experience service disruptions, slow speeds, among other challenges as a result of damages to a submarine cable system on the Atlantic sea.
16 Feb 2020
Namibia should by rights feel little concern about the coronavirus outbreak given that the sparsely-populated desert country is 12,000 kilometres from China


3 mins ago
Nigeria did not record a single COVID-19 death on Saturday.
23 mins ago
Being in love is a beautiful and an indescribable feeling. You meet someone for the first time and you desire to know more and spend quality time with the person; you learn the things the person loves, become friends with their friends and develop some changes in character. Most times, we ignore our wants and…
37 mins ago
The Conservator-General, National Park Service, Dr Ibrahim Goni, says 60 per cent of the country’s valuable forest estate has been lost to degradation and most of those left, are currently under threat.
45 mins ago
Police have arrested and are investigating case of two brothers, Chima Nnamani and Michael Nnamani, for allegedly involvement in serial raping of a nine-year-old minor within Enugu community.
49 mins ago
Indian security forces killed 13 civilians in the northeastern state of Nagaland when they fired on a truck and later shot at a crowd that had gathered to protest the attack, police said Sunday.