Tuesday, 19th October 2021
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3 days ago
NASA launched a spacecraft called Lucy on a 12-year mission to explore Jupiter's Trojan asteroids for the first time on Saturday, gathering new insights into the solar system's formation. The Atlas V rocket responsible for propelling the probe took off at 5:34 am local time (0934 GMT) from Cape Canaveral. Named after an ancient fossil…
6 Oct
The House of Representatives has tasked the National Security Adviser (NSA) and other security agencies to deploy all necessary machinery towards containing the killings and destruction
7 Sep
NASA confirmed Monday that its Perseverance Mars rover succeeded in collecting its first rock sample for scientists to pore over when a future mission eventually brings it back to Earth.
3 Sep
NASA's Perseverance rover succeeded in its second attempt to scoop up a piece of Martian rock for future analysis by scientists on Earth -- probably.
21 Jul
The Perseverance Mars rover is preparing to collect its first rock sample from the site of an ancient lake bed, as its mission to search for signs of past life begins in earnest, NASA said Wednesday.
8 Jun
The Nigerian Bar Association Section on Business Law (NBA-SBL) has revealed its keynote speaker for its 15th Annual Business Law Conference.
4 Jun
The Nigerian Bar Association Section on Business Law (NBA-SBL) has disclosed that the keynote speaker at its upcoming 15th Annual Business Law Conference will be the renowned Nigerian-born National Aeronautics and Space Administration researcher, Dr Wendy Okolo. This was disclosed in a statement made available to The Guardian and signed by the Chair of the…
2 May
A SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule carrying four astronauts back to Earth splashed down off Florida early Sunday, a NASA livestream showed.
24 Apr
A recycled SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule with four astronauts aboard was speeding on its way to the International Space Station, where the spacecraft is set to dock early Saturday.
20 Mar
The largest asteroid to sweep past Earth this year will make its closest approach on Sunday. However, scientists have told people not to panic as it poses no threat to the planet. The giant space rock that researchers call 2001 FO32 has a diameter of several hundred metres and will approach Earth at a distance…
20 Feb
With its impeccable landing on Thursday, NASA's Perseverance became the fifth rover to reach Mars -- so when can we finally expect the long-held goal of a crewed expedition to materialize?
28 Jan
The questioning rings out loud and clear; it is more than ever louder today in view of the difficult times and harrowing experiences mankind is passing through: Why do good people suffer...


2 hours ago
England must play their next home match in a UEFA competition behind closed doors following disorder at the Euro 2020 final at Wembley, European football's governing body ruled on Monday.
2 hours ago
The internal crises in the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) following last weekend’s congresses across the country have continued to deepen...
2 hours ago
Real Madrid midfielder Luka Modric has criticised FIFA's plans for a biennial World Cup and expressed dismay that players have not been consulted.
2 hours ago
Gunmen have killed at least 30 people in an attack in Sokoto State, Governor Aminu Tambuwal confirmed yesterday. The assault began at a weekly market in Goronyo on Sunday and continued into Monday morning...
2 hours ago
Barcelona wants to build for the future with the tantalising prospect of another group of teenage talents emerging together, but for now, reality still bites.