Sunday, 4th December 2022
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Northern consumers

4 Sep
A 2022 market report by Pierrine Consulting has revealed that the residents of Northern Nigeria spend N322b monthly on personal care products.


7 mins ago
Failure of the eligible customer policy of the power sector to impact positively on supply and usage in the country, five years after it was introduced, is not only frustrating, it has emphatically underscored the failure of privatization of the sector.
7 mins ago
The author of this book Dr. Reuben Abati, a phenomenon represents and has his hands in the three components of any successful book project; knowledge production, book publication, and media promotion.
7 mins ago
It is rather unfortunate! Under normal circumstances, one will expect that the new governor would not start with vendetta. He would have rather taken his time to study what is on ground before he starts issuing executive orders.
9 mins ago
October 6, 2022, when William Lawson's announced its unique and disruptive campaign, 'The Naija Highlandah Challengeā€™, not a few people wondered how it would go.
9 mins ago
Snail farming is one of the sustainable, money-spinning Agribusinesses that most Nigerians ignore. Also known as heliculture, snail farming is a process of raising edible snails for human consumption or cosmetic purposes.