Sunday, 26th March 2023
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4 Nov
Operators have expressed concerns about the government’s inability to provide an enabling environment for the real sector, thereby avoiding the multiplier effect on banks’ Non-Performing Loans (NPLs), as well as their profitability.
21 Jun 2022
Dissatisfied by the huge rise in banks' Non-Performing Loan (NPLs) in the 2021 financial year, triggered by the prevailing economic downturn, investors at the weekend, urged government to stimulate economic activities...
24 Dec 2020
With the current harsh operating environment, exacerbated by impact of COVID-19 on businesses, investors have expressed worry that the banking sector might record rise in Non-Performing Loans (NPLs) and erode profitability.....
25 Jul 2016
Africa Export-Import Bank (AfreximBank), like regular lending institutions, has recorded a huge growth in its loan portfolio to $6.1 billion from what in the financial year ended December 2015.
25 Jul 2016
Transparency and accountability is the spinal cord of corporate governance. Nothing demonstrates how genuine any corporation’s commitment to these tenets is than its annual report, in which it presents to the public for scrutiny its scorecard...


17 mins ago
My wife and I have set the standard for our children on what and how a good marriage and family should be like in line with God’s counsel. We have also taught them the standard of choosing a spouse.
33 mins ago
After 19 successful years, Christine Tröstrum will step down as project manager of Berlinale Talents in summer 2023. From then onwards, she will continue her position as managing partner at a consulting firm on a full time basis.
38 mins ago
Money or currency, which serves as, a measure of exchange for goods and services has not always been in form of paper or coins. In our various traditional societies, we had items and objects which served the purpose of money/currency.
40 mins ago
Dearest father, it is 20 years today since you left the shores of the earth. It was all so sudden. Nothing could have ever prepared us for it and we wished that we’d been given the chance to say good-bye.
41 mins ago
The National Universities Commission (NUC) has granted full accreditation to Trinity University in all its eight newly added courses. In a letter signed on behalf of Professor Abubakar Rasheed, Executive Secretary of the Commission by the Deputy Director Programme Accreditation..