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Ola Rotimi

25 Jul
Aiye Ko Ooto is the pen name of a U.S.-based Nigerian poet, playwright, and philosopher also known as Cash Oladele, who says he is at a crossroads between mortals and gods
11 Jul
Ola Rotimi’s "Grip Am", is a cynical but hilarious play, that was staged at the 49th convocation ceremonies of the University of Nigeria. ‘Ise’ meaning ‘Poverty’, played by (Kosi Ejikeme), a poor farmer and husband to ‘Aso’ meaning ‘Argument’ played by (Grace Okonkwo) are always at loggerheads. God decides to take pity on them, and…
6 Sep 2020
Twenty years after the demise of a literary icon, Prof. Ola Rotimi, scholars and theatre practitioners in Nigeria and abroad recently honoured the playwright at a webinar organised by the Bowen University, Iwo, Osun State. The theatre teacher, scholar and playwright died on August 18, 2000. The event had as theme: ‘Remembering Ola Rotimi, A…
15 Aug 2020
The Theatre Arts Programme and College of Liberal Studies of Bowen University is set to host a webinar in commemoration of Nigerian scholar, playwright...
12 Jul 2020
My whole life as a child was very much surrounded by theatre, including traditional theatre, the Egungun performances, the masquerades. The Egungun used to come and perform, not so much in the compound, but outside the missionary compound, and they did not just parade...
6 Oct 2019
Art, in Nigeria, no doubt, is experiencing an explosion. The last 59 years of art in Nigeria has witnessed mixed fortune.
12 May 2019
Concluding part of interview with Comrade Udenta O Udenta, who released 21 books after so many years of literary hibernation. The first volume of Crisis of Theory in Contemporary Nigerian Literature and the Possibilities of New Materialist Direction is one of the most thought-provoking and latest works among the 21 books. To what extent is…
14 Oct 2018
In the course of my study, I discovered that in traditional Africa, women had power. According to the African culture, women were expected to be submissive to their husbands.
15 Apr 2018
Nigerian literature remains a significant site in contesting and negotiating what constitutes the Nigerian experience. An experience that has been so complex and baffling...
9 Apr 2018
It was the late Nigerian playwright Ola Rotimi who first tickled my poetic imagination on objects, parts or things that look alike or seem different but indeed are the same.
16 Jan 2018
There is something uncanny when you insert an opening and closing dates after the name of a person. What it simply means is that the journey...
15 Dec 2016
The word “blame” is as old as the creation of humanity. The story of the fall of Adam and Eve in the third chapter of Genesis captures blame as a syndrome of the human person.


1 hour ago
For Nigeria to tackle its perennial foreign exchange (forex) crisis, the need to invest heavily in infrastructure and adopt competitive policies that would attract Foreign Direct Investment ..
1 hour ago
Seven states from the Northwest, yesterday, asked the Revenue Mobilisation Allocation and Fiscal Commission (RMAFC) to give it lion share of revenue to state and local governments.
1 hour ago
Ogun State governor, Dapo Abiodun, has urged traditional rulers in the state to be mindful of what they say and the people they honour with chieftaincy titles not to bring the royal institution into disrepute.
1 hour ago
The persistent free-fall of the naira is an indication that none of the interventions being applied by the monetary authorities has worked. Otherwise, there would have been some respite for the beleaguered currency, even minimally.
1 hour ago
As the Federal Government, in Abuja, harped on diversification of foreign exchange sources through export of manufacturing products yesterday investors in the country’s manufacturing value...