Saturday, 28th May 2022
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Patience Oniha

15 Apr
Nigeria’s penchant for borrowing money and wasting it on frivolities surges forth in rising debts without any tangible accomplishments to show for them, which is why Nigeria’s thirst for debts...
1 Apr
The Debt Management Office (DMO), says diversification of Nigeria’s economy and its sources of revenue will reduce reliance on borrowings to fund budget deficits.
18 Mar
The total debt stock of Nigeria is likely to reach N45 trillion as the Debt Management Office (DMO) plans to borrow additional N6.39 trillion to finance the 2022 budget deficit.
18 Mar
Nigeria has officially raised 1.25 Billion dollars through the issuance of a seven-year Eurobonds in the International Capital Market (ICM).
7 Oct 2021
Despite outcry and protests against the administration’s penchant for frequent borrowing, the Federal Government, yesterday, hinted of its plan to borrow more to finance the N6.258 trillion deficit in the proposed 2022 budget.
16 Sep 2021
The country’s national debt stock hit N35.5 trillion at the end of June 2021, the Debt Management Office (DMO) revealed yesterday. The new figure is 7.75 per cent higher than the N32.9 trillion...
23 Aug 2021
Participants at the just-concluded 2021 National workshop of the Chartered Institute of Stockbrokers (CIS) have underscored the need to develop and revive the primary market segment to stimulate initial public offering....
25 May 2021
Stakeholders are unsettled over the Federal Government’s plan to borrow a fresh $6.18 billion (N2.343 trillion) amid a rising debt profile, which may push the country’s debt to about N36 trillion...
26 Apr 2021
The Federal Government has urged States to deepen fiscal transparency and accountability in public financial management system to improve good fiscal governance at the sub-national level.
19 Mar 2021
The Debt Management Office (DMO), yesterday, listed the N162.557 billion seven-year Ijarah Sukuk with a rental rate of 11.20 per cent on the floor of the Nigerian Exchange (NGX) Limited.
18 Feb 2021
The Federal Government has agreed to the conversion of its stock of overdrafts with the Central Bank into long-term debt to create transparency around its dependence on Ways & Means funding, Bloomberg has reported. The debt will be exchanged for 30-year notes issued to the central bank, Patience Oniha of the Debt Management Office reportedly…
14 Oct 2020
The Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) has reiterated its commitment to providing a hybrid market for dealers as well as institutional and retail investors to continue to access increased liquidity in fixed income securities.


11 mins ago
Greece said Saturday some 40,000 illegal migrants had been blocked from entering the country along the northern border with Turkey since the beginning of the year. Greece is often the country of choice for migrants fleeing Africa and the Middle East to try to reach a better life in the European Union. Many come via…
25 mins ago
The Nasarawa State Government has arrested 61 people for alleged violation of the law against open defecation.
43 mins ago
Former US president Donald Trump rejected calls for tightened gun controls Friday following the Texas school massacre, saying decent Americans should be allowed the firearms they need to defend themselves against "evil." "The existence of evil in our world is not a reason to disarm law-abiding citizens... The existence of evil is one of the very best…
1 hour ago
At least seven Indian soldiers were killed and 19 others injured in a road accident in the remote Ladakh region, close to the country's disputed border with China, police said Friday. The world's two most populous nations redirected tens of thousands of additional troops into the high-altitude Himalayan region after a deadly hand-to-hand battle in…
1 hour ago
Russian forces Saturday announced a latest successful test of their Zircon hypersonic cruise missile as Moscow steps up its Ukraine offensive. The missile was fired from the Admiral Gorshkov frigate stationed in the Barents Sea and "successfully hit" a target stationed 1,000 kilometres (625 miles) away in the White Sea in the Arctic, the defence…