Tuesday, 7th December 2021
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Paul Joseph Nanna

16 Nov 2017
Phyllantus niruri (Phyllanthus amarus) is one of the wonders of GOD Almighty. It is one of the herbs that He gave to mankind in Genesis 1: 29. Knowing that man will eat things...
28 Sep 2017
Commonly called soursop in Africa after the British, it is also known as guanabana in Spanish-speaking countries. The name granola is from Brazil.
3 Aug 2017
Cancer is a liquid, a poisonous liquid, an acidic liquid that destroys normal cells. Such cells are transformed into primitive and selfish cells in the body. Cancer is a systemic disease with regional or local manifestation.
13 Jul 2017
Water and air are two very important things that GOD gave to keep us healthy. It is no wonder; therefore, that these two are under constant attack and through them the human being is being afflicted by one disease or the other today.
6 Jul 2017
Alkaline water has been described as a supplement because the water that we drink today is far from perfect. There is hardly any bottled water in the shops that is alkaline...
29 Jun 2017
In the last couple of weeks, I presented the 30-Day Challenge in this column. From responses received, I want to believe it was well accepted. However, a few persons complained about the duration, 30 days! There are shorter plans and I am going to describe a 10-Day Detoxification Plan today.
22 Jun 2017
Note that you may actually feel a little worse during the first few days of the 30-Day Challenge as your body goes through some form of detoxification. This is known as the healing crisis.
15 Jun 2017
The 30-Day Challenge is a recommendation of what we should eat and drink as against those items we should avoid in a thirty-day period in order to detox.
4 May 2017
By way of definition, obesity is simply the accumulation of too much fat in the body.
23 Mar 2017
Having described two of the important and common diseases of the kidneys, the stage is now set for a discussion of the prevention of these diseases and how to ensure the wellbeing of the kidneys.
16 Feb 2017
According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, a supplement is something that is added to something else in order to make it complete.
2 Feb 2017
The liver is a large organ located under the right side of the rib cage. There is a gall bladder under the liver and the whole organ cannot be felt under normal circumstances.


1 day ago
Uber and Bolt drivers have called on ride hailing companies operating in Nigeria to conduct proper profiling of riders in order to stop frequent killing of innocent drivers by criminally minded users.
1 day ago
Suspected pirates have abducted an operative of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps (NSCDC) and four contract staff working at the Conoil field in Koluama 1 in Bayelsa.
1 day ago
NAIROBI, Kenya, 6 December 2021- /African Media Agency (AMA) /- The Kerry Group has expanded its footprint in Africa following its acquisition of Rwanda-based Afribon. This transaction further enhances Kerry’s focus as a leading business to business ingredient solutions provider for the food, beverage and pharmaceutical markets.  Launched in 2012, Afribon is specialised in the…
1 day ago
President Muhammadu Buhari has called on Auditors-General across the country to introduce strategies that will help stamp out corruption from the system.
1 day ago
The Borno Police Command on Monday said it arrested five suspected rapists and a woman in possession of 90 rounds of ammunition.