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Pentecost day

22 Nov 2020
Every revival or visitation of God in history has always had its own distinctive identify, though it may bear some marks of what happened on Pentecost day.
7 Jun 2020
Christians all over the globe celebrated Pentecost Day, last Sunday.
9 Jun 2019
Pentecost is the Greek word for fifty. The Jews in dispersion used it for the Jewish Feast of Weeks, which is held fifty days or seven weeks after Passover at the month of Sivan...
20 May 2018
The Pentecost day became Church’s event, when it happened that it was on that day, that the Holy Spirit descended on the disciples. Thus, the church marks it, not necessarily as Jewish feast, but as the anniversary of the coming of the Holy Spirit and His empowerment.


1 hour ago
The Federal Government, in collaboration with Pan-African Manufacturers Association (PAMA), has announced plans to boost intra-Africa trade currently at 13 per cent, noting that with African Continental Free Trade Agreement...
1 hour ago
There would be dire consequences, the Organised Private Sector (OPS) stated, yesterday, in reaction to Federal Government’s suspension of the planned withdrawal of the subsidy regime announced on Monday.
1 hour ago
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has raised its forecast on Nigeria’s output growth this year to 2.7 per cent, from 2.6 per cent projected in October.
1 hour ago
The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) risks mass defections if it fails to zone the 2023 presidency to Southern Nigeria, a group, Vanguard for Justice, has warned.
1 hour ago
Almost 66 years after commercial oil discovery in Oloibiri Oilfield, the current wave of divestment hitting the nation’s oil and gas industry has been deemed necessary to allow smaller entities contribute to economic activities...