Thursday, 6th October 2022
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15 Aug 2019
When I started these series a few months ago, I did stress that it will inform, enlighten and educate you but in a rather engaging manner. Today, I will be discussing the technical process and components of pure fruit juice with regards to health and nutrition.
18 Apr 2019
The heart is one organ that has benefitted tremendously from the phytochemicals. I intend to highlight those phytonutrients...
12 Apr 2018
The cruciferous vegetable with powerful cancer fighting properties watercress is the most ancient vegetable known to man and is also the most nutritious and medicinally powerful vegetable.
29 Mar 2018
The cruciferous vegetables belong to the family of plants known as Brassicaceae. Their name, cruciferous is derived from the arrangement of the four petals of their flower, like the cross. The phytochemicals in the cruciferous vegetables are known as sulphoraphanes. They belong to the organosulphur group of compounds called isothiocyanates. Sulphoraphanes are bonded to glucose…
15 Mar 2018
Phytoestrogens are a group of phytonutrients that belong to a group known as plant xenoestrogens. Xenoestrogens are a type of xenohormones that imitate oestrogen. Xenoestrogens are of two types, the synthetic and natural. The synthetic xenoestrogens are industrial compounds such as phthalate and Bisphenol A (BPA), which exert oestrogenic effects on living things. They are…
8 Mar 2018
Classification, plant sources and health benefits of flavonoids Flavonoids, otherwise known as bioflavonoids, are a group of secondary metabolites in plants. To explain further, secondary metabolites are organic compounds produced by plants for their defense against herbivores or as colours in flowers...
1 Mar 2018
We have considered components of plant food such as minerals and vitamins in the past. These are mostly essential to the body; they are life-saving to the body, but are not produced by the body. They have to be sourced from food that we eat, water we drink and from supplements.


28 mins ago
On the 4th of October 2022, CIG Motors entered a partnership with Shell Staff Corporative(COOPLAG). Members of COOPLAG visited the CIG Motors head office in Victoria Island Lagos for the event.
58 mins ago
The Federal Government says Nigeria will need one trillion Naira to cater for the health of the vulnerable citizens across the country.
1 hour ago
Kalabash Technology Solutions Limited ("Kalabash"), a financial technology services firm based in Lagos, Nigeria that specialises in developing innovative payment solutions across multi sectors, announced today that it has signed a multi-year agreement with Air Peace, West and Central Africa’s largest airline, founded in 2014, to provide its innovative payment solution, Pay Small Small™ (PSS), to all the airline’s passengers.
1 hour ago
The National Industrial Court in Nigeria recorded more than 6,277 industrial-related cases within two years and succeeded in disposing of 4, 108 out of the suits in the same period.
1 hour ago
The Vice President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, has called on African states, non-governmental organisations, private organisations and other stakeholders to synergise efforts at harnessing seabed resources to boost the continent’s Blue Economy.