Tuesday, 4th October 2022
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2 Aug
China's population will begin to shrink by 2025, officials have said, as family sizes grow smaller and citizens age.
20 Jul
Nigeria's total installed capacity of 13,000 Megawatts can only give 632, 400 people a good and healthy life, leaving over 199 million of the population, stakeholders said while calling for urgent action on the energy
19 May
Urbanisation is a global phenomenon. According to the UN Department of economic and social affairs (UN DESA, 2018), about 55 per cent of the world’s population presently lives in urban areas.
6 May
Nigeria may be plunged into a population crisis in 2050 if the Federal Government does not take adequate measures to control it, says the Federal Commissioner, National Population Commission
31 Mar
It was Reverend Pastor turned Economist Malthus that ignited the explosive that brought about the endless discussion on population.
19 Feb
Professional across the country have cautioned the Federal Government against adopting some population policies being sponsored in Nigeria by the West.
14 Jan
Croatia's population has shrunk by nearly 10 percent in the last decade due to an exodus fuelled by a flagging economy, the latest census
4 Jan
Due to its large population density, Lagos is not expected to be exempted from one of the main traffic challenges associated with a mega-metropolitan city.
3 Jan
Professor of Gynecology and Obstetrics, Friday Okonofua, weekend, urged government and stakeholders to tackle population and reproductive health challenges in Africa towards improving living standards of citizens.
17 Dec 2021
Ongoing efforts by the National Population Commission (NPC) toward conducting a census for the country next year cannot be more untimely and inappropriate
30 Nov 2021
The Federal Government says Nigeria’s population projection is scary, hence the urgent need to put in place control measures to keep the country’s population growth in check.
1 Oct 2021
Having vaccinated roughly four per cent of its population, Nigeria is missing out, as 15 African countries, approximately a third of the continent


6 mins ago
The granddaughter of internationally renowned former music icon Bob Marley has drawn harsh criticism for wearing clothing bearing the slogan "White Lives Matter" that was created by rapper Kanye West. Selah Marley, the daughter of artist Lauryn Hill and the granddaughter of reggae legend Bob Marley, decided to assist Kanye in introducing his new clothing…
1 hour ago
Pillow Fund, a financial services company has launched in Africa with the sole mission to provide Africans with a reliable way to save and grow their wealth. Pillow now has a market presence in Africa’s largest
1 hour ago
In a recent discord brewing between Asa and Joeboy, the Fire on the Mountain singer has issued a copyright lawsuit against Joeboy for "Contour." Nigerian musician Joeboy uploaded a letter from Asa's Lawyers that contained claims of a copyright lawsuit relating to the creation of Joeboy's "Contour" on his Instagram Story. The composition of the…
1 hour ago
Britain's Prime Minister Liz Truss defended her contentious plan to kick-start economic growth through tax cuts, despite expectations Tuesday of a second damaging U-turn.
1 hour ago
Grilling is a cooking process that involves marinating the food and then placing it on direct heat to make ready-to-grill foods like croaker fish into the perfect smoky perfection. Here is that perfect croaker grill fish recipe to pair with chips to Netflix and chill anytime any day Ingredient 1/4 cup salt Cameroon pepper, 1 teaspoon…