Thursday, 28th September 2023

Ray Ekpu

12 Mar 2019
I have reached a very significant point in my regular public writing, and compelled by a personal work restructuring that I just undertook to step it down significantly, by 70% perhaps. It means I would henceforth intervene in national discourse only on very few occasions when I feel so strongly, and when I need to…
11 Dec 2018
Professor of mass communication and veteran columnist, Olatunji Dare, and former Editor-in-Chief of Newswatch magazine, Mr. Ray Ekpu, will on Saturday, December 15, 2018, be decorated with Lifetime Achievement award by Diamond Awards for Media Excellence (DAME). Educated at the University of Lagos where he earned a first class Bachelor’s degree in mass communication in…
28 Sep 2018
League of Nigerian Columnists (LNC), a professional body out to ensure good governance and hold government accountable, was inaugurated yesterday in Lagos.
28 Aug 2018
Without billboards or banners, or anything of such things, a seven letter byline – Ray Ekpu – has for the past 45 years in a life of 70 years, so far, remains a brand in Nigerian journalism. As indications show today, till tomorrow almost all news media platforms in Nigeria would want to have him…
9 Aug 2018
Courage is defined by crisis. We were the unconquerable team when we started Newswatch in February 1985. Our editors were not just the generals of the Nigerian press, they were the toast of the society. They combined the ultimate chemistry of power, celebrity status and an appearance of money. They were high professionals and they…
7 Aug 2018
Achieving three scores plus ten years in good health and sound mind is usually no mean feat in a season growing with discontent, anger and frustration.
6 Aug 2018
President Muhammadu Buhari has said that Ray Ekpu’s consistency and forthrightness in speaking and writing the truth to authorities deserves special commendation. Sending warm greetings to the co-founder of Newswatch magazine, who turns 70 years today and 45 years as a journalist and an administrator, Buhari joined the media world, family and friends of the…
5 Aug 2018
President Muhammadu Buhari has congratulated veteran journalist and co-founder of Newswatch Magazine, Ray Ekpu, who turns 70 on Aug. 6 as well as clocks 45 years working as a journalist and an administrator.
29 May 2018
Today marks the 19th birthday of our Fourth Republic. This is the longest run we have had as a democratic nation. When compared to the three dead republics this is a marathon. The First Republic lasted for five years, the second for four years and three months, while the Third Republic, more like a joke....
8 May 2018
Amnesty International, the libertarian crusader for near-absolute rights, has just released its 2017 annual report on capital punishment aka death penalty. It thinks the world is making progress, although slow, towards abolishing the death penalty.
1 May 2018
Someone copied this message to my daughter: “Ray Ekpu made a confession that startled everybody present. He pointedly said the media would never support PMB’s regime because all media houses that collected huge sums of public funds from Jonathan’s regime were compelled to refund what was given to them by PMB. He said that is…
10 Apr 2018
Former chief executive officer of Newswatch Communications Limited, Ray Ekpu, has said Nigeria would not rise above poverty, ignorance and underdevelopment, which had undermined its citizens, until the country’s leadership selection process was reformed. He said the country was heading closer to doom as it continues to rely on crude oil as the only source…


14 mins ago
Minister of Works, David Umahi, on Thursday, locked out staff of his ministry for resuming late to work.
23 mins ago
A Civil Society Organization under the aegis of Civil Society and Workers Dialogue Forum (CSWDF) has kicked against the planned strike by the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC), scheduled to commence on Tuesday, October 3.
33 mins ago
North Korea has enshrined its status as a nuclear power in its constitution, with leader Kim Jong Un calling for more modern atomic weapons to counter the threat from the United States, state media reported Thursday.
49 mins ago
Thai anti-narcotics police seized over $8 million worth of drugs in one of the largest single hauls in the kingdom's history, officers said Thursday.
1 hour ago
US President Joe Biden will give a key speech in Arizona Thursday on protecting democratic institutions, in a fresh attack on Donald Trump as the rivals ramp up their 2024 election battle