Friday, 21st January 2022
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4 Nov
Environmentalists and civil right groups have charged the Federal Government to absolve Ken Saro-Wiwa and eight other Ogoni sons of the crimes they were murdered
26 Nov 2020
No fewer than four hundred and eleven thousand, eight hundred and three women. A landmass spanning 1,050-square-kilometres. Some, if not most of them, in huts and mud houses for homes
5 Apr 2019
Death eath makes mockery of life, and of all achievements. Death is always a tragedy since it puts a finality to existence, and ceases all possibilities. The death of a terminal patient, a loved one, is not bearable. This is even more so when death raids the intelligentsia and takes those on whom we have…
13 Apr 2018
A group, the Ken Saro Wiwa Associates (KSWA), has alleged a plot by a minister “to unilaterally transfer Chevron Nigeria Limited’s interest in the Yorla Oil Field (OML 11–Ogoni Fields) to an anonymous company in which he has interest.” In a petition to President Muhammadu Buhari, KSWA said it was an “organization with global membership…
29 Dec 2017
President of the national youth council of ogoni people (nycop), young a. npkah, yesterday extolled the virtues of the late ogoni leader, ken saro-wiwa, who was killed by the sani abacha junta.
20 Oct 2017
MY last intervention (1967-2017: from police action to egwu eke) was on 30/9/17. I had recalled how an ordinary police action led to a gruesome 30 month civil war and prayed that the recent egwu-eke 2 did not lead us to another unfathomed scenario.
17 Aug 2016
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3 hours ago
Sudanese anti-coup protesters held a "day for the martyrs" Friday, gathering outside the homes of some of those killed in a bloody crackdown on demonstrations since
4 hours ago
At least 70 people were killed in an airstrike on prison and at least three children died in a separate bombardment as Yemen's long-running conflict suffered
5 hours ago
US President Joe Biden and Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida agreed to "push back" against China and condemned North Korea's spate of missile tests, while Biden underlined US
6 hours ago
Omicron is now the dominant Covid-19 variant circulating in the European Union and European Economic Area (EAA), the bloc's health agency said on Friday.
6 hours ago
Senator Orji Kalu, the Senate's Chief Whip, said he decided to run for the office of president after leaders from the six geopolitical zones approached him. This comes after he revealed that he had previously told other presidential candidates, including former Lagos State Governor Bola Tinubu, former Senate President Pius Anyim, and Ebonyi State Governor…