Wednesday, 26th January 2022
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20 Sep 2019
Scientists monitoring a population of genetically modified mosquitoes released in Brazil to curb native disease-carrying pests say the plan appears to have backfired, instead giving rise to new generations of hardier, hybrid offspring.
11 Sep 2019
Scientists warn that sex ratios could be skewed even further by the discovery of physical differences between sperm. The finding that some chemicals slow down sperm that carry the X chromosome could lead to gels for home use that make a couple less likely to conceive a girl, scientists have warned.
15 Aug 2019
Medical experts in Jamaica and Nigeria have expressed concern over the rising scourge of diabetes foot complications, resulting in an increase in amputation in Nigeria.
25 Jul 2019
Scientists have shown in clinical trials that breast milk could provide the elusive cure for cancers. The trial results published Monday in the journal BioSpace showed how a chemical found only in breast milk helps break up tumours into fragments in the body, allowing cancer patients to pass them through their urine.
3 Jul 2019
A cure for baldness may be on the horizon after scientists worked out how to grow ‘unlimited’ amount of natural-looking hair from stem cells.
2 May 2019
A PROFESSOR of Industrial Chemistry, Federal University Oye-Ekiti, Cecilia Olufunke Akintayo, has advocated industrial utilization of renewable natural resources by creating bio-based chemical plants and massive investments in research activities. The academic made the call while delivering the first inaugural lecture of the university entitled, ‘The Place of Plant Oil Derived Products as Sustainable Replacement for Petrochemical Products in Industries’ in Oye Ekiti, Ekiti State, recently. She said Nigeria, being a tropical country, is blessed with wide varieties of plants that produce oil bearing seeds, and because of the abundance of these oils, they are the ideal alternative chemical feedstock for industries.
5 Apr 2019
Capsules containing algae could stop thousands of people needing amputations, scientists believe. The aquatic organisms, similar to plants in the garden pond, increase blood flow to damaged limbs, animal research has found. Experts hope it will treat patients with critical limb ischaemia (CLI), which can be caused by smoking, diabetes or obesity. Current treatment methods…
25 Feb 2019
People with insomnia struggle to get a good night’s rest and wonder how to sleep better They may be plagued by trouble falling asleep, unwelcome awakenings during the night, or fitful sleep — alone or in combination. They may feel drowsy during the day and yet be unable to nap. Insomnia can leave a person…
22 Feb 2019
Surgeons have attempted for the first time to halt a common form of blindness with a single injection of gene therapy. A team from Oxford University has for the last 12 years been experimenting with gene therapies to slow or halt the progress of different eye conditions. But until now most of the treatments they…
13 Feb 2019
Compounds found in fish oil prevent pregnancy complications, including preterm birth, neonatal death, and stillbirth, in mice when the complications are caused by a common oral bacteria, according to research published in the journal JCI Insight. The study, by scientists at Columbia University's College of Dental Medicine and Vagelos College of Physicians & Surgeons, suggests…
7 Feb 2019
Israeli scientists claim they will develop a cure for cancer within the next year - an unlikely prospect, according to world leaders in cancer care and treatment innovation. In December, Nobel Prize winner James Allison, who helped develop immunotherapy, said: ‘Soon we’ll get close with some cancers,’ citing progress against some forms including melanoma. But,…
9 Jan 2019
Research from the University of Michigan Life Sciences Institute, United States (U.S.) has uncovered a cause of declining motor function and increased frailty in tiny ageing worms -- and a way to slow it down.


3 hours ago
The Federal Government, in collaboration with Pan-African Manufacturers Association (PAMA), has announced plans to boost intra-Africa trade currently at 13 per cent, noting that with African Continental Free Trade Agreement...
3 hours ago
There would be dire consequences, the Organised Private Sector (OPS) stated, yesterday, in reaction to Federal Government’s suspension of the planned withdrawal of the subsidy regime announced on Monday.
3 hours ago
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has raised its forecast on Nigeria’s output growth this year to 2.7 per cent, from 2.6 per cent projected in October.
3 hours ago
The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) risks mass defections if it fails to zone the 2023 presidency to Southern Nigeria, a group, Vanguard for Justice, has warned.
3 hours ago
Almost 66 years after commercial oil discovery in Oloibiri Oilfield, the current wave of divestment hitting the nation’s oil and gas industry has been deemed necessary to allow smaller entities contribute to economic activities...