Sunday, 23rd January 2022
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23 Jul 2020
Scientists have discovered and evaluated more herbal remedies for the prevention and treatment of Coronavirus disease (COVID-19).
2 Jul 2020
Amid global efforts to find a cure for the deadly coronavirus, the National Universities Commission (NUC) aligning efforts with the Nigeria Diaspora Biomedical Research Group
17 Jun 2020
A ray of hope emerged on the horizon yesterday, as scientists announced a major breakthrough in the search for a cure of COVID-19, as researchers at Oxford University
4 Jun 2020
A cure for baldness might soon be available after scientists grew hair on mice, using human stem cells. This breakthrough could lead to an unlimited supply of locks for millions who are bald. The only solution for men presently is transplanting hair follicles from one part of the head to the other. The new cure…
29 May 2020
Dozens of scientists have raised concerns over a large-scale study of hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine published in The Lancet that led to the World Health Organization
18 May 2020
Given the reality that extreme heat areas are expected to spread to 19 per cent of the earth surface by 2070, climate scientists have cautioned against actions that destroy the life support systems
9 Apr 2020
scientists have made breakthroughs in using technology to tackle the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). New research has shone further light on the different rates of transmission
19 Mar 2020
Scientists have made major breakthroughs in the search for effective and safe vaccines for the dreaded coronavirus (COVID-19). Medicago has announced significant steps forward in developing a vaccine
21 Feb 2020
Agricultural scientists have explained that the Nigerian Meteorological Agency’s (NiMet’s) forecast of about 160 days of rainfall in Sahelian region of the north, 200 days in the central parts of Plateau
16 Jan 2020
The chances of losing patients with severe liver diseases or cancer to death is set to decline as scientists have developed a machine that repairs injured human livers
29 Dec 2019
Without necessarily allowing the discovery of the former to affect his commitment to the latter, he diplomatically assents that clearly there are certain parts of his scriptural conclusion
20 Sep 2019
Scientists monitoring a population of genetically modified mosquitoes released in Brazil to curb native disease-carrying pests say the plan appears to have backfired, instead giving rise to new generations of hardier, hybrid offspring.


5 mins ago
The Acting Comptroller General of Nigeria Immigration Isah Jere Idris has approved a major senior staff shake-up involving Six Assistant Comptrollers General and Twenty-Six Comptrollers. Immigration spokesperson Amos Okpu in a statement said Idris announced the redeployments in a posting order, detailing the movement of the senior officers. Okpu said that Assistant Comptroller General and…
19 mins ago
Now before you think you’re cooking your hair, adding soybean to your hair is highly beneficial. Known for its edible seeds, soybean has been a dietary staple in many homes. Popular for its physical properties, soybean oil has tremendous benefits, which has made it a well-known choice, especially in caring for 4C hair.  Rich in…
23 mins ago
Cameroon's government said Sunday that 16 people were killed in a fire caused by fireworks in a nightclub in the capital Yaounde, the tragedy occurring as the nation hosts the Africa Cup
1 hour ago
A French soldier has died in Mali, the French defence ministry announced on Sunday, with the latest loss coming as Paris wonders whether to stop providing military backup
1 hour ago
Voters in Senegal went to the polls on Sunday to elect mayors and local representatives in a vote seen as a key test of support for President Macky Sall.