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Scott Morrison

28 Nov 2022
Ousted Australian prime minister Scott Morrison will face censure in parliament for secretly appointing himself to several key ministerial posts during the Covid-19 pandemic, his successor Anthony Albanese said Monday.
17 Aug 2022
Australia's ex-prime minister on Wednesday defended secretly appointing himself to several key ministries during the Covid-19 pandemic, rejecting accusations he created a "shadow government" and undermined the country's democracy. Refusing bipartisan calls to apologise and resign from parliament, Scott Morrison insisted he was right to take "emergency powers" over the health, treasury, finance, resources and…
17 Aug 2022
Australia's former leader on Wednesday defended secret arrangements he made to swear himself in to key portfolios including defence and treasury, saying he would only have used the roles in an emergency during the Covid-19 pandemic.
15 May 2022
Australia's conservative prime minister sounded the gun on the last lap of a bitterly-fought election campaign Sunday, admitting "not everything went to plan" during the country's pandemic response.
10 Apr 2022
Australia's Prime Minister Scott Morrison called federal elections for May 21 on Sunday, launching a come-from-behind battle to stay in power after three years rocked by floods, bushfires and the Covid-19 pandemic.
9 Mar 2022
Scores of protesters in a flood-wrecked city in eastern Australia vented their fury Wednesday as Prime Minister Scott Morrison visited the heart of the disaster zone.
9 Feb 2022
Two prominent advocates for sexual abuse survivors pilloried Australia's prime minister Wednesday, decrying "weasel words" and a response to widespread abuse that had not "measured up".
8 Feb 2022
Australia's prime minister apologised for widespread sexual harassment, abuse and bullying of political staff Tuesday, a year after a high-profile rape allegation rocked the country's parliament.
24 Mar 2021
Australia’s national parliament has been hit by another scandal, with reports that government staffers film sexual encounters in the building and bring in sex workers to see lawmakers in Parliament House, Yahoo news reported. According to the report Channel Ten and The Australian newspaper obtained videos and images of sexual encounters filmed inside Parliament House,…
17 Feb 2021
Australia Prime Minister Scott Morrison was under mounting pressure Wednesday after a former government staffer who said she was raped in parliament accused the government of revealing sensitive details of the case.
19 Aug 2020
Australia's leader called Wednesday for coronavirus immunisations to be mandatory, wading into ethical and safety debates raging around the world as the race to develop a vaccine gathers pace.
19 Jun 2020
Australia's prime minister revealed Friday his country was under a broad cyberattack from a "state-based actor" targeting government, public services and businesses, with suspicions falling on China. Warning Australians of "specific risks" and an increased tempo of attacks, Scott Morrison told a press conference that a range of sensitive institutions had been hit. "This activity…


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While Malcolm X says “Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today”; Nelson Mandela says “Education is the most powerful weapon, which you can use to change the world”....
24 mins ago
An underwriting firm, Heirs Life Assurance (HLA), has concluded an arrangement to engage junior secondary students across the country to participate in the second edition of its nationwide essay competition.
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The Federal Government has approved the ratification of six maritime conventions and protocols that aim to promote a cleaner marine environment, ship-breaking criteria, global standards for fishing crew and response to oil pollution casualties.
33 mins ago
Anambra State Governor, Chukwuma Soludo, has directed property and shop owners on proposed Ekwulobia Flyover right of way to immediately evacuate, as construction would begin soon.