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Soft drinks

19 Nov 2019
The police on Tuesday arraigned two minors and a 22-year-old man, Muhammad Mustapha at the Karu Grade I Area Court, Abuja for allegedly stealing soft drinks worth N48,000. The police charged the defendants with three counts of joint acts, criminal trespass and theft. They, however, denied committing the offence. The Prosecution Counsel, Vincent Osuji, told…
17 Oct 2019
The Federal Government is considering introducing excise duties on carbonated drinks, according to the Minister of Finance, Budget and National Planning, Mrs Zainab Ahmed.
Alcohol vs Soft drinks
13 Sep 2019
It is next to impossible to avoid a good beverage especially during social interactions hence why it is necessary to make healthy choices in deciding which beverage to take. There is a long-standing debate on the merits of various beverages, including soft drinks and alcohol. Which one is the healthier choice? Continuing reading on the details…
13 Sep 2019
A new study looking at hundreds of thousands of individuals has linked higher consumption of soft drinks with greater risk of premature death. The researchers saw that the association held for both artificially and sugar sweetened drinks.
6 Aug 2019
Romania announced Tuesday plans to levy a tax on sugary soft drinks to combat obesity, following the lead of other European countries such as France.
20 May 2019
Consuming fruit juices is just as bad for your health and likely to lead to an early death as drinking cola or lemonade, research suggests. A new study found an increased risk of dying early from any cause for people who consumed a lot of sugary drinks. United States (US) researchers compared, for the first…
19 May 2019
Saudi Arabia has imposed a special tax on electronic cigarettes and sugary drinks, extending similar taxes introduced in 2017 as it seeks to reduce a budget deficit caused by low oil prices.
7 Mar 2019
Several reports have labeled soft drinks as extremely harmful to your health and a lot of people are already aware of the dangers.
23 Mar 2017
As we all know, on account of the loopholes and laxity on the part of some of the regulators, a number of multinationals in Nigeria tend to get away with a lot they would not even dare dream of in other places.
15 Jan 2017
Soft drinks are carbonated drink/beverages with no nutritive value except sugar. They are made primarily from artificial ingredients. The ingredients vary with the type of drink.
18 Aug 2016
Drinking soft drinks or sodas is an easy habit to fall back into, it’s everywhere, and it’s easy to consider diet versions to be a relatively harmless vice. A sip for nostalgia’s sake or a quick caffeine hit can lead back to a three-a-day habit....


1 hour ago
For Nigeria to tackle its perennial foreign exchange (forex) crisis, the need to invest heavily in infrastructure and adopt competitive policies that would attract Foreign Direct Investment ..
1 hour ago
Seven states from the Northwest, yesterday, asked the Revenue Mobilisation Allocation and Fiscal Commission (RMAFC) to give it lion share of revenue to state and local governments.
1 hour ago
Ogun State governor, Dapo Abiodun, has urged traditional rulers in the state to be mindful of what they say and the people they honour with chieftaincy titles not to bring the royal institution into disrepute.
1 hour ago
The persistent free-fall of the naira is an indication that none of the interventions being applied by the monetary authorities has worked. Otherwise, there would have been some respite for the beleaguered currency, even minimally.
1 hour ago
As the Federal Government, in Abuja, harped on diversification of foreign exchange sources through export of manufacturing products yesterday investors in the country’s manufacturing value...