Saturday, 13th August 2022
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Sonnie Ekwowusi

4 May
Under the so-called CSE, school pupils in open classrooms are required to touch each other’s genital saying: “I like you”. The pupils are also expected to touch each other’s private parts and find out the differences in their respective private parts.
13 Apr
A Lagos lawyer, columnist, essayist and human rights advocate, Sonnie Ekwowusi, has been appointed as Chairman, Human and Constitutional Rights Committee of the African Bar Association (AfBA).


Volunteer firefighters have been called up from their day jobs all over France this summer to help battle wildfires.
28 mins ago
One person died and dozens more were injured early Saturday as powerful winds hit a music festival near the Spanish resort of Valencia, causing the stage to partially collapse, medics said.
1 hour ago
Professor Christopher Imumolen, the presidential candidate of the Accord Party, believes that only a candidate who is unaffiliated to a sect can solve the effects vested by terrorism on the Nigerian economy. The effect of terrorist activities such as suicide bombings, kidnappings, destruction of lives, public infrastructure, private and entrepreneurial investments, the climate of fear,…
2 hours ago
Mexican authorities said Friday they were finally in a position to begin searching a flooded coal mine where 10 workers have been trapped for more than a week, offering fresh hope to anguished qrelatives.
3 hours ago
North Korea has lifted a mask mandate and eased other virus restrictions, state media said Saturday, days after leader Kim Jong Un declared "victory" over Covid-19.