Sunday, 14th August 2022
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Tai Solarin

20 Aug 2021
The way things are going on in Nigeria now cannot but marvel us. Every day by day we witness things that we should not witness. Those who are truly and patiently observant cannot but wonder at the creation of your country my country .....
15 Aug 2021
During my formative years, there were only two things I knew about Ile-Ife, the first was that my late grandfather lived there and had a farm, the second one
5 Jun 2021
The late sage, Dr. Tai Solarin, confessed in his article that I re-published last week, that Samuel Ogbemudia, the first governor of former Mid West State, would have summarily sacked him as head of any school in the State because of his “negative attitude towards games and sports” . In his opinion students wasted their…
29 May 2021
This week, I humbly cede my column to one whose shoe laces I am unworthy to untie, Dr. Tai Solarin.
11 May 2021
As a nation of over 250 million people, Nigeria is a breeding ground for gifted radicals who are unique in their own ways.
4 Dec 2019
Nigeria’s 2019 elections, particularly the recent governorship contests in Kogi and Bayelsa states, have forcefully brought back a prediction which the late Tai Solarin made about 40 years...
25 Oct 2019
THIS past Saturday, October 19, 2019 morning I sat on my reading sofa, as I always do on my dear Saturdays and Sundays, when I am not out of town, wading through some of my weekend...
18 Jun 2019
That is already a condition. Once judgment is given, the compliance with it becomes immediate. If it is money judgement, you have to pay it. If you are appealing...
28 Feb 2019
For Tai Solarin, that inimitable school teacher and foremost crusader for civic rights and for the efficient performance of state responsibilities by its officials, “body bags” or the latest rude entry into our political lexicon will not be strange. Talkative Governor Nasir El-Rufai of Kaduna State has however found for those innocuous community service items,…
8 Jan 2019
Tai Solarin, Nigeria’s under-celebrated educationist, social critic and visionary reformer, wrote a newspaper article 55 years ago to usher in 1964. He simply titled the essay...
4 Jan 2018
The irrepressible social critic and non-conformist, Dr. Tai Solarin, now of blessed memory, once stunned the country with a strange, indeed a totally unusual New Year...
16 Dec 2016
May our road not be crooked or rough again. May we have a mind of imagination for the possibility of a great Nigeria. The Late Dr. Tai Solarin’s historic greetings to Nigeria at Christmas or New Year, decades ago...


The inaugural Skal Golf competition came to a thrilling end in Lagos with winners rewarded with mouth-watering prizes. Over 100 golfers from different clubs across the country participated
5 mins ago
Bayero University, Kano (BUK) Stallions, have knocked out defending champions of the Higher Institutions Football League (HiFL), UNIMAID Desert Warriors from this year’s competition.
10 mins ago
Election for the Kwara Central Senatorial seat in the 2023 general elections would no doubt be keenly contested. This is because of the array of candidates that would be on the ballot jostling
11 mins ago
The news sneaked into my inbox like a mosquito at midnight. The sting, which followed, when it came, was as overwhelming as being trapped in the worst nightmare. Irewesi okan ba mi!
11 mins ago
A book entitled Son of the Soil and Other Stories’ was publicly presented to the guests at the just concluded Tech Summit 2022 held at Manchester Metropolitan University, United Kingdom.