Saturday, 25th March 2023
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17 Oct 2021
There is no such thing as a beneficial bad breath. There is no such thing as waiting till the food is properly digested before deciding to brush your teeth. There is no such thing as gurgling and popping a mint in your mouth to substitute for actually brushing your teeth. None! While we have daily…
26 Jul 2020
Ever since the pandemic outbreak, several dental clinics have taken different methods to help patients with accessing dental care. Some dental clinics have gone ahead to create virtual consultations and have limited the number of walk-in patients. Nevertheless, with all these measures put in place, many people are quite reserved with having dental procedures during…
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12 Jul 2020
Are your teeth starting to lose its bright white shine in exchange for pale yellow? You don’t notice it at first because it happens gradually and overtime as you age. What causes your teeth to turn yellow Some foods that you consume can stain your teeth and cause it to take on a pale yellow…
2 Oct 2019
When it comes to dental health, there are two kinds of people in this world: those who floss, and those who don’t. After you eat, tiny pieces of food are left everywhere in your mouth. Even though your saliva does a good job of rinsing a lot of food debris away, some leftovers stay stuck…
30 Aug 2019
Tooth decay is very expensive to manage as well as very painful. Many people around the world cannot afford dental check up, so they often resort to the use of fluoride for all teeth related matters. Also, the toothpaste used by most people contains fluoride. However, fluoride has its side effects and this has been…
8 May 2019
Children who refuse to brush their teeth may be putting themselves at risk of heart disease in later life, research suggests. A study that followed 755 children over 27 years found those with tooth decay or gum disease were more likely to have a build-up of plaque in their arteries as adults, known as atherosclerosis.…
8 Jan 2019
Clean, sparkling teeth never fails to win our admiration. While a good number of people might not floss as required, there are some who aim and invest in some methods that might be causing more harm than our original intention. Here are some of them: DIY Whitening You have probably tried one and is looking…
15 Nov 2018
How well do you actually take care of your dental health? To make an appropriate assessment of your own situation, ask yourself these questions: Am I steadfast about visiting a dentist yearly for a checkup? Do I brush and floss my teeth twice daily? Am I vigilant about avoiding those sugary foods that can damage…
29 Mar 2018
White teeth give you a sparkling smile and an overall glow. There are so many Do-It-Yourself posts which focus on achieving this without breaking the bank. Here are some facts that you need to know before trying out any: Baking Soda and Hydrogen Peroxide Baking soda features in many types of toothpaste because it has…
27 Dec 2017
We hear so much about our teeth — what is good for them and what we should absolutely avoid. But is what you know about good dental habits accurate? Find out here. We think some of the answers may surprise you. To take this quiz, you have to be honest with yourself. Don't cheat! Decide whether…
16 Aug 2017
Bottled water, however, seems harmless. But dentists warn that is not always the case. Some of the most popular brands of bottled waters have dangerous pH levels and lack essential fluoride, which can cause cavities.


1 day ago
Award winning author and writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, has made her entry into children’s literature with the book titled “Mama’s Sleeping Scarf”. Chimamanda made this known via her Instagram page with the caption "So delighted to announce that I’ve written my first children’s book, Mama’s Sleeping Scarf. It is a celebration of the joy in…
1 day ago
Super Eagles on Friday in Abuja lost 0-1 to the Guinea Bissau senior national team, following a 29th minute goal by Mama Samba Balde in their Match Day 3 clash in the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) qualifier.
1 day ago
As the world marks the 2023 World Tuberculosis Day today, March 24, the Nigerian Thoracic Society has appealed to the government to do more in tackling Tuberculosis in order for the country to be delisted from the group of high-burden states.
1 day ago
The Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NiMet) has raised concern over the continued rise in the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere with devastating global consequences.
1 day ago
The Cross River State Director of Public Health Mr Jonah Offor has said that the state is having a shot fall of about 4000 tuberculosis cases out of the 8,000 cases expected to be notified.