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4 Ways You Didn’t Know You Were Hurting Your Teeth

Clean, sparkling teeth never fails to win our admiration. While a good number of people might not floss as required, there are some who aim and invest in some methods that might be causing more harm than our original intention.

Here are some of them:

DIY Whitening

You have probably tried one and is looking out for another. With a countless number of articles on the internet professing that it DIY teeth whitening methods is the truth, Beverly Hills dentist Dr Matt Nejad has said that the “are generally useless.” Not only are they very limited in whitening the teeth which is your intention, but it can also do some damage to the teeth. Bleaching your teeth can lead to sensitive teeth, gum irritation and enamel issues. Between the DIY recommendation and Dr Nejad, you might want to consider the dentist advise don’t you think?

Hard Bristles

It is now known that hard bristles do not translate to scrubbing your teeth white. Rather it poses as a threat to your enamel dangers as it is. Opt for soft medium bristles. Also, go for electronic brushes because it can reach places manual ones can’t and clean it up.

Water and Lemon

Lemon water. Photo: Kayli Wanders

What was that you heard about detox water? The crushing thing is there are several reveals that detox itself is a myth. While your water may look more appealing with a slice of lemon, lemon acid or lime, you don’t want to know it does to your oral health. Not only does it cause tooth decay and gum disease, it causes bad breath and damages your enamel.

Hard Objects

Now, we know the teeth is strong and has proven to be able to open or chew on some hard objects such as ice or acrylic fingernails. Just as the Bible says, everything is permissible but everything is not beneficial.

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