Wednesday, 7th December 2022
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14 Jul 2017
The best thing about travelling is the experience from the moment you close the final zipper on your travel bag right up till the moment you get to your destination. Asides the tourist attractions that you have lined up to keep you busy at your destination, lately, the airports have become a destination themselves. We…
10 Jul 2017
In as much as we are aware of the fragile state of the economy, we can bet our naira on the fact that many people will be travelling to take the much-needed break from the craziness that is Nigeria to an ideal summer destination of their choice. If you happen to fall in that category…
28 Jun 2017
Located in the heart of Ibadan, at the foot of Old Mokola Hill is Agodi Gardens which stands out in the city of brown roofs. It would interest you to note that Agodi Gardens was originally created in 1967 and managed by the Western region then. It was formerly called Agodi Zoological and Botanical Gardens…
14 May 2016
Hello everyone and welcome to my brand new canvas! I am excited to share my journeys and experiences with you here in a candid, informative and thought provoking way...
7 Apr 2016
Malaysia is probably one of the most beautiful places in the world to visit, and its capital city Kuala Lumpur is a tourist favorite. Considering the amazing culture, majestic skyscrapers, buzzing streets and vibrant attractions, it can be a bit much to take in all at once. This is why we have put together a…
9 Mar 2016
Nigeria is beautiful; our motherland is filled with human and natural resources. Most people forget that there are beautiful places to visit in Nigeria. You can become a tourist in your own country by visiting the following tourist destinations. Ogbunike Cave: Ogbunike Cave was discovered by a hunter called Ukwa. The Cave is described as…
4 Dec 2015
Why travel to other countries for vacation when Nigeria has excellent attractions that are just outstanding and out of this world. Nigeria is a blessed nation with abundant cultures and tradition, natural resources, tourist sites, and lovely people. It is one of the most popular countries in Africa. Nigeria is an attractive and adventurous country to explore…
28 Jul 2015
Sorry to burst your bubble and break your chandelier, not every time Dubai, UK or the USA,sometimes look for beautiful places that do not make you stress yourself standing on long queues and waking your children by 5am so you can go and be number 150. Try something different and beautiful.Try exotic and stress free.…


38 mins ago
Ahead of the 2023 poll, a coalition of civil societies of Nigeria (CCSN) says it was incumbent on the judiciary to be impartial to safeguard democratic rule in the country.
42 mins ago
Many stories have been told about Nigeria’s culture and lifestyle. As home to millions of diverse people, Nigeria is very broad in terms of its climate, geography, vegetation, ethnicity, language, culture, and religion. Yet even with the underlying divisions that cut across Nigeria, there is one particular street food that serves as a string of…
44 mins ago
The Interim Administrator of the Presidential Amnesty Programme, Maj Gen Barry Tariye Ndiomu (rtd) has solicited the support of the Police high command in the recruitment of ex-agitators to its rank and file and officers' Corp.
48 mins ago
Brittle Paper has shared its 100 notable African books of 2022 list.
55 mins ago
An Argentine court on Tuesday sentenced Vice President Cristina Kirchner to six years in jail for corruption, banning the country's best-known politician from seeking public office after a trial she dismissed as a political witch hunt.