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Vitamin D

7 Nov 2017
Vitamin D supplements can help speed up the time taken for burns to heal, and prevent scarring, a new study suggests.The vitamin which is produced naturally in the body when the skin comes into contact with sunshine, is believed to help protect against burning.
7 Aug 2017
An Abuja-based physician, Dr Baba Ahmed on Monday urged Nigerians to develop the habit of eating food rich in Vitamin D for the benefit of healthy liver and kidney.
20 Mar 2017
Cancer is one of the leading causes of death globally with burden of death on the developing countries. Although infectious diseases like malaria, HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis still plague developing countries like Nigeria...
3 Mar 2017
The reason Vitamin D is so important for fertility and in getting pregnant is because it is needed to help the body produce sex hormones. These sex hormones are very important for overall wellbeing and for reproductive health.
16 Feb 2017
Taking extra vitamin D can protect against colds, flu and other respiratory infections, said a study Thursday which reopened a debate on the usefulness of over-the-counter supplements.
30 Dec 2016
A study, published in the journal, Molecular Psychiatry, has revealed that pregnant women with low vitamin D levels when they were 20 weeks pregnant were more likely to have a child ...


21 mins ago
Anambra Governor, Chukwuma Soludo, said members of Youth Earnestly Seek Soludo (YESS) exhibited rare political support during his election in 2021.
1 hour ago
Mr Tony Ojukwu, SAN, the Executive Secretary of the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), has reiterated the commission’s commitment to promote and promote human rights of all persons living in Nigeria.
1 hour ago
Nearly half of cancers worldwide can be traced back to a known risk factor, primarily tobacco or alcohol, a huge global study found on Friday, which said that behavioural changes can help reduce the threat of disease.
1 hour ago
The World Health Organization said Friday that two existing treatments dramatically reduced deaths from Ebola and should be given to people of all ages suffering from the often-fatal haemorrhagic disease.
1 hour ago
The United Nations on Friday called for the safety of aid workers in Nigeria's volatile northeast where a jihadist conflict has killed 35 humanitarian staff in the past six years.