Monday, 18th October 2021
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2 Aug
A groom still wearing his tuxedo was arrested on his wedding night after he shot a man he suspected of having an affair with his new wife. Devin Jose Jones, 30, was in a car with his bride, Zenada Williams, and her friend on the Bonnet Carre Spillway after the newlyweds said their vows when…
3 Jun
Chimamanda Adichie has taken an exception to the wedding convention in which the father of the bride takes a central role. The award-winning writer on Wednesday, June 2, 2021, argued that western wedding traditions sidelines the mother of the bride. "I have always felt that western wedding traditions sideline the mother of the bride —…
7 Jan
Oluremi Akintola-Samuel, a popular traditional wedding compere and CEO of Strictly Weddings, has announced plans to train young men and women interested in hosting traditional wedding and engagement ceremonies. Oluremi has raised over 100 women in the craft, starting with training women in groups of five, 10 and in some cases 20 in a year,…
19 Aug 2020
Wedding bells! In a post on Instagram, Nigerian rapper Erhiga Agarivbie, popularly known as Erigga has announced that he and the love of his life Morenike are set to get married on the 3rd of October. Attaching images of himself and his darling, he captioned the first images: "#NIGGA2020 who is ready to chop jollof…
27 Jul 2020
Tehran on Monday warned Iranians against holding wedding and funeral gatherings as the country's novel coronavirus outbreak showed no signs of abating, claiming another 212 lives.
20 Jul 2020
The Vatican on Monday reminded its priests they should not be charging fixed prices for celebrating weddings and funerals...
1 Jul 2020
More than 100 people have tested positive for coronavirus in India after attending the wedding and then funeral of the groom, who reportedly tied the knot while ill with the disease. Officials in Bihar state said Wednesday the 26-year-old groom had symptoms of the deadly virus when he got married on June 15. He died…
15 Mar 2020
'We Just Got Married'. Photo BridesI didn’t plan my wedding myself, well not in the frenzied, goal obsessed way I see brides plan it these days. My husband and I worked at the same organization, and the policy was unclear about marriage within the business. Clutching this as our excuse and even though my husband…
9 Feb 2020
Text: Romans 7:15-25 Another sign to show that one is under the influence of the remote controlling powers is when such a person suffers from serious bad luck. Anything you lay your hands on does not proper. To some, they are always having constant disappointments, especially in terms of marriage. I know of a lady…
3 Feb 2020
Hollywood star Pamela Anderson and Jon Peters have split just 12 days after their wedding in Malibu on February 1. The couple seemingly did not file a legal marriage certificate. "I have been moved by the warm reception to Jon's and my union," Anderson, 52, said in a statement to CNN. "We would be very…
2 Dec 2019
American singer Nick Jonas and Indian actress Priyanka Chopra tied the knot in one of the most talked-about wedding ceremonies of 2018, a year later, the celebrity couple exchange affectionate messages to celebrate their first wedding anniversary. Jonas, 27, took to his Instagram page on Sunday to share an affectionate message: "One year ago today…
22 Nov 2019
A wedding ceremony at Barhim village in Batagarawa Council Area of Katsina State went awry after a guest lost his life when he drank a drug-laced concoction that was served at the event.


34 mins ago
Gunmen from a suspected criminal gang attacked a village market in northwest Nigeria's Sokoto state, killing 43 people, the state government said Monday. Heavily armed gangs known locally as bandits have terrorised northwest and central Nigeria for years, raiding and looting villages, but attacks have become even more violent in recent months. "Forty-three people have…
1 hour ago
The Japanese government has earmarked 260,000 dollars in its bid towards combating piracy and kidnapping in the Gulf of Guinea (GoG).
2 hours ago
Belgian officials announced Monday they had broken up a cocaine smuggling gang, arresting 27 people in a series of raids during which they seized drugs, guns and luxury goods -- including horses.
2 hours ago
FIFA president Gianni Infantino said on Monday his controversial plans to hold a World Cup every two years will help spread the fund's football generates away from a handful of super clubs.
2 hours ago
A 66-year-old man has pleaded guilty to a charge in relation to the death of Argentine footballer Emiliano Sala in a light aircraft crash in 2019, a British court heard on Monday.