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5G: five things to know


5G is a fifth-generation network technology that provides broadband access.

5G promises a quicker and faster way of transferring data, information from one place to another. It will help improve services and product from video streaming to self-driving cars.

5G in Entertainment
Imagine watching a high definition video online without any lag. 5G technology will help online users stream high definition videos easily, download high definition content in split seconds and play graphic demanding games online.


5G in Medicine
With the 5G network technology, there is a possibility of surgeons operating on sick patients from another country using AR glasses (augmented reality glasses), the faster transfer of large patient files online and patient remote monitoring via IoT devices among other advances.

5G in Business
Businesses, meetings and conference can be conducted easily on the 5G network because of its speed. Entrepreneurs can conduct businesses online without hassle; individuals can attend conferences by watching live-stream.

5G in Transportation
With the advancement of the driverless car, the 5G network will help improve the driverless car technology whereby the driverless cars can easily access information on locations, traffic updates etc.

5G and Security
The 5G network has a lot of benefit like speed, performance and it also comes with its own risks like a Security threat online, cybercrime, online fraud etc.

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