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‘Businesses to embrace technology to cut cost and optimise performance’


Businesses and organisations must embrace technology that will promote cost-saving, operational efficiency and increase performance as the country prepares for the impending economic recession post coronavirus.

Foremost industry analyst Gartner, has revealed that by implementing a technology solution like the Managed Print Services businesses can provide immediate savings of up to 30 per cent on print-related expenses. These cost-saving tactics can be achieved when businesses and organisations pay less for paper, ink, consumables and purchase fewer devices as well as use less energy and maintain or repair fewer devices.

The Chief Technology Officer and Executive Director, of Arit of Africa, Olusola Ogunsola, who lent his voice to this report, said that organisations and business owners must deploy technology solutions that will help their businesses to survive the post-COVID-19 economic recession.

He said that to survive the expected economic recession, businesses and organizations need to cut down on their expenditure, both operational and capital.


“The cost-cutting measures derivable from MPS boils down to the cost of the machines, consumables, repair, replacement of parts and maintenance. You can only drive these costs down by working with an MPS provider of repute. Arit of Africa is a renowned leader in MPS. We have proven competence and technical expertise to help businesses drive down costs and improve savings.’’

“The benefits will drastically reduce inefficiency on the part of the staff as a considerable part of their time will be focused on the goals and objectives of the company, ultimately increasing staff productivity levels. Information and print security are guaranteed with MPS”, he explained.

According to him, the goal is to achieve a reduction in expenditure and free up capital to invest in areas that will increase competitiveness, productivity and profitability. MPS provide these reductions, as it involves taking control of a company’s printing in order to save costs and allow a company to focus on her core competence.

Ogunsola explained that MPS is a comprehensive solution guaranteed to transform a company’s printing operations. The services are flexible enough to allow organizations to adopt solutions best suited for them. The main objective of MPS is to save money.

He informed that like most businesses and organizations will experience unprecedented behavioural changes in the market, customers, employees’ expectations, technological innovations and security threats post COVID-19, these changes would necessitate a budget cuts and the need for cautious spending by organisations.


The business goals and modern networks are now interwoven and technology powers new digital transformation initiatives and processes. Because of this, he emphasized another solution worthy of adoption is the Business Process Automation (BPA).

Since today’s automation platforms employ innovative technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to perform increasingly complicated and repetitive tasks in businesses that require a greater degree of human engagement.

“BPA is the better and more intelligent approach to cost containment and reductions for businesses while increasing efficiency across the board. Businesses in Nigeria must leverage different areas of BPA to reduce operational costs and increase productivity, availability, reliability, performance and efficiency”, he said.

According to him, IT professionals need to bridge the gap between what the businesses really need and what the network delivers in terms of scalability, operational effectiveness and security. He added that by applying automated policy across users, “devices, branches, wide area network, campus, data centres and clouds will help businesses to respond to business needs faster.”


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