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GiftCardsToNaira: How to calculate the worth of a gift card


The Value of a Gift Card isn’t always the face value, significantly if it changes hands. Here’s how to calculate the worth of your gift card.


The online world is changing every aspect of our society. From how we work to how we live, the way we do business is changing. One of the things that are evolving alongside commercial organization is the world of the online gift certificate.

You see, it wasn’t so long ago that these gift cards had to be manually sent back and forth to those you gifted them to. They had to traverse through postal services – and anyone who has ever sent a letter abroad knows the chances of money reaching its destination are slim to none.

The online gift card changes all of this. With little more than an email, you can send someone a gift card online through the power of the internet. It doesn’t matter how far away you are. You could be thousands of miles apart, and your recipient would receive it in the blink of an eye.


As you can imagine, this has multiple uses and presents money-making opportunities that most of us haven’t even thought of before.

Sending Gift Cards is the New Way to Send Money Abroad
By sending a gift card to a loved one, you have the security of knowing that the card will arrive intact – even if only in an email format. The user can then take that card and convert it into actual cash. When working with GiftCardsToNaira, this means converting the card into Naira, Bitcoin, or Ethereum.

The beauty of the arrangement goes more profound than the sending of gift cards abroad. Those who have an account on their online platform can convert any gift cards they receive. Besides unwanted gifts from relatives that don’t know you very well, there are other reasons why you would want to send money abroad. Imagine you had a brother or sister traveling the world who needed cash. Imagine you wanted to help a charity across the world but didn’t know how to send money through your bank account…


GiftCardsToNaira can change all of that. Allowing the user to convert their gift cards into Naira, Bitcoin, or Ethereum gives the recipient the chance to withdraw cash right where they need it most. A backpacker might not have access to their bank account, but they will often have access to the internet.

How to Calculate the Worth of Your Gift Card?
If you are interested in working out how much your gift card would earn you in Naira, you can visit the handy tool GiftCardsToNaira has put on their website. This calculator lets you see the worth in nothing but a few short clicks. All you need to do to withdraw the money, then, is to create an account so you can enjoy instant cash withdrawals.

At the moment, GiftCardsToNaira only operates out of Ghana and Nigeria. However, if you keep an eye on their steadily growing firm, you should see them expand into other territories before long. Follow them on Instagram to keep up to date.


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