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Innovations key to sustaining engagement, says Femi Bakre


Femi Bakre

In the days of yore, the first screen people interacted with was the television. It was a period when content producers were the kings – arguably the sole determiners of when, where and how content should be consumed.

Then came the new media with its disruptive tendencies that have altered the way content is interacted with. These days, the first screen is the mobile phone. Its ubiquity and the easy access to social media mean that content producers have to vie for the fleeting attention of its consumers.

“Traditional means of communication have proven to be ineffective, especially with millennials,” said the chief executive of Kraks TV, Femi Bakre, in a tweet chat with The Guardian recently.

Founded a few years back, Kraks TV thrives on sustaining the interests of Nigeria’s youth population with humour at the core of its content.

Bakre said, “Through humour, we’re able to attract their attention and then pass subtle messages that help drive change.”

However, power does not only reside with the consumer. The ability of the content producer to innovate and meet the needs of the consumers can, to a great extent, shape the behaviour of the audience.

“People will change their behaviour and go where a creator has produced interesting content,” said Joe Hyrkin of

That fact was not lost on Femi Bakre. As one of Africa’s foremost aggregators of slapstick comedy, Femi’s content stands out, engaging his followers brilliantly, but he has learnt to adapt to the shifting landscape of the industry, constantly evolving to meet the requirements of both the publishers and the audience.

He said, “It is important to constantly evolve. At Kraks, we strive to innovate and break new frontiers so as to remain relevant in our ever-changing and competitive industry.”

In a 2017 interview with Guardian Life, he said, “The idea was to have a sense of responsibility, even when I had just 5,000-10,000 followers. I told myself that I had to do my best every single day to entertain them, relieve them of stress and give them something to laugh about.”

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