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Messaging app flaim re-launches in Nigeria


The reward based Messaging app, flaim, introduced Super Rewards once again in Nigeria on the 13th of December 2019 and in less than a month was again able to generate well over 100k downloads from Nigeria and rewarded all users that downloaded the App or invited their friends with free data across all mobile operators. Flaim is not a newcomer to Nigeria, they had already done an initial launch in May 2019, when they were able to generate well over 200,000 downloads from Nigeria with a data gifting strategy, and quickly rose to the top rankings on Google Play.

Flaim has entered the competitive messaging app market, which includes Whatsapp, Telegram, Wechat and others, but it is doing so by offering flaim users the possibility to win phones on a daily basis, and even a car, through an automated random draw. The car draw took place on the 4th of January where Juliet Manasseh from Abuja, 26, became the lucky owner of a brand new Kia Rio, which was handed over to her this past Friday, January 10th in the Kia Motors Nigeria Adeola Odeku showroom.

What makes flaim even more unique is its marketing approach which is totally focused on leveraging social media; flaim ran the car award completely online and broadcasted the event live on Social Media including Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. This approach has enabled flaim to reach its target audience of millennials and Gen Z, driving significantly high conversion rates.

The flaim app’s relaunch has now become more permanent as was explained by flaim Nigeria COO Mr Ernest Akinlola at the car award ceremony, “Our original launch in May was a huge success, actually well beyond our expectations; we could have easily reached a million or more downloads in that period, but we decided to slow down and regroup to design a sustainable long-term strategy, for our reward-based messaging solution, which included engaging with local partners, sponsors and content providers”.

Apart from its cool design, which is certainly attractive to its target market, the App’s developers and owners, the company Equiis Technologies AG, based in Zurich Switzerland, have had a history of providing encrypted communication solutions to ensure the privacy and integrity of its customers’ data records and content. This has enabled them to design solutions to provide high quality calls with lower Data consumption than traditional VOIP apps, with the motto “talk more for less”. It has also designed an interesting Do Not Disturb feature called DND which enables users to block all incoming messages and calls to save data until they have Wifi connectivity which again saves the flaim users from using their valuable data when receiving unwanted files and videos on their messaging app.

Flaim’s future in Nigeria seems bright, with a very young population, a high penetration of smartphones, and a data-savvy consumer base that has now become aware of the costs associated with their Social Media and communication needs, and are therefore welcoming an app that allows them to save on their Data top-ups. Flaim is also soon to release MyMoods, which is similar to My Status on other popular social media apps, this allows users to post and share pictures and content to their contacts, but also to the whole flaim community. This is a distinct advantage to the limitation of a customer’s immediate contact list. (My)Moods can be shared with everyone whether they are in your contacts or not!!

Derek Roga, CEO at flaim, said: “Over the past 2 years we have been analysing the growth of social messaging apps particularly focusing on the requirements of young people in Nigeria and across Africa, by doing this, we learned they want to spend more time on social media for entertainment but also for information and even education; the high cost of data versus income generates a barrier to those needs, which we are addressing now and will continue to do so. We also want to offer low-cost advertising solutions to young entrepreneurs, small businesses, moms who have their home businesses, to share pictures and info of their projects to a wider audience than just their contacts; this will generate more business leads, revenue and opportunities to them. We are also developing a special optimisation of flaim to work over Edge networks, this is ideal for rural communities., We believe there is a huge untapped market in these communities; we simply want to help people be connected and rewarded.”

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