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Spectranet rebrands, offers new products


SpectranetAN Internet Service Provider, Spectranet 4G LTE, has unveiled a new corporate identity and described it as the hallmark of a new spirit targeted at providing fast and affordable internet connectivity to Nigerians.

The ISP also announced a monthly rollover of any unused data when consumers recharge and a minimum of 5GB free data for all its subscribers.

Speaking at the media launch held in Lagos, the Chief Executive Officer, David Venn, said the new logo conveys the unique benefits that Spectranet 4G LTE offers to consumers.

He said. “Consumers all over the world, including Nigerian consumers, are increasingly embracing the Internet as the next revolution in gaining access to information and entertainment, deepening social relationships, as an alternative to traditional means of communication and directly making their voice heard in public debates.

“In Nigeria, Spectranet’s customers use our services not only to access their emails and browse the Internet, but also to: communicate via Facebook, Twitter and Skype, to watch videos on YouTube, play multi-player games across the world or to watch full feature movies or a world class chef prepare a recipe. Families are using broadband service to do this every day and the Internet is fast becoming an essential part of modern family life.

“Internet has become part of our lifestyle in Nigeria and we can see its impact felt in almost every facet of our lives. The individual is now a major player in the happenings around him, powered by Information Communication Technology.

“At Spectranet, we understand the needs of our customers very well and have kept on improving services to offer the best internet solution in the country. Spectranet has gone beyond 3G. We were the 1st 4G LTE Network in Nigeria. Spectranet 4G LTE brings numerous benefits that provide a powerful internet broadband experience that is way beyond current 3G performance.

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    now you are talking. Make your speed faster