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West African cyber security summit holds March 21-23


Cyber security in Nigeria is becoming an increasingly pertinent topic as it poses a growing threat to the country’s security. Cyber threats and attacks are becoming commonplace, sophisticated and damaging. This evolving landscape is requiring a far more focused and urgent response to the growing risks presented by cyber attacks. Nigeria has been making huge leaps in its response to cyber crime; in 2015 the cybercrime bill was signed into law, meaning that cybercrime is now properly defined and legal consequences are attached to any defiance of this law. However, there is still a huge way to go and it is important now more than ever that public and private sectors must work to build a strategy to tackle the risk. One way this can be accomplished is through knowledge sharing and it is for this reason that in 2017 Securex West Africa, organised by Afrocet Montgomery, will be launching the West African Cyber Security Summit “WACSS”.

Securex West Africa is the most established and only dedicated security and public safety event to serve the government and private sector in the region, with more than 45 exhibitors representing 14 countries. It will take place from March 21-23, 2017 with WACSS taking place alongside the exhibition and conference on March 22.

Cyberspace has ushered in new opportunities with its security challenges and this will be a new platform and the first of its size and scale in West Africa which will bring together industry experts from both the private and public sector to discuss the challenges, opportunities and trends in cyber security. Throughout the day, delegates will hear from both international and national cyber experts from organisations such KPMG, Ernst & Young, the EFCC and G3. Whilst expert opinions will also be shared from the country’s leading associations such as Cyber Security Experts Association of Nigeria; the Computer Professionals Registration Council of Nigeria (CPN); and CSCSS

Topics will cover corporate security, training the next generation, financial crime and governance. The day will also witness a live hackathon run by Upgraded Era where visitors across the Exhibition, whether novice or trained, can try their hand at hacking. The launch of WACSS will fill a much needed space in Nigeria for experts to congregate and discuss pertinent issues; sharing knowledge and expertise. This will become an annual event which will reflect the trends; patterns; challenges and opportunities in Nigeria’s cyberspace.

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