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In The Dimpsey Chronicles, Amata discusses parenting


The Dimpsey Chronicles by Erumena Amata is a children’s book that dwells on the need to employ workable technique for a successful parenting.
Beyond teaching absolute parenting, the 11-chapter book, which is set in Warri, features the traditional Nigeria family culture of living under one roof with immediate and extended family members, as well as the Africa belief system of togetherness, oneness and unconditional love for friends and neighbours.
The book centres on five-year-old Dimpsey, a child born into a family full of grown up siblings, aunties, uncles and cousins living under one roof. Dimpsey’s father, a well-to-do man, accommodates extended family members and shoulders responsibility for all of them.


The author introduces the birth of Dimpsey in the first chapter and how this addition changes everything — the excitement and joy in the family.
The point of conflict is in chapter two, when Dimpsey, now five years old, is forced by her mother to make a choice between sleeping in her parents’ bedroom despite being old enough to sleep in her own and her desired forthcoming fifth birthday party that she already themed ‘Sofia the First’.
Dimpsey’s mother, knowing how excited she is about her fifth birthday, comes up with a trade by barter technique, which compels Dimpsey to trade sleeping in her parent’s bedroom for her luxury dream fifth birthday party. Because she’s anticipated the fifth birthday all her life and had told her friends in school about how big the celebration will be, she gives up her parent’s bedroom and moves to her own bedroom on her fifth birthday so she can have her Sofia the First party.
The author is quite conscious of her targeted readers, as she makes her reader feel as though they are in a classroom with the teacher telling an interactive, informative and educative story of young Dimpsey and her family to the pupils.
However, the author may need to have the book re-edited to correct a couple of spelling errors, redundancies and grammatical structure errors. Also, the author uses past tense in the description of some of her characters and portfolio as though they no longer exist. For instance: “Her mother was a very important person too… Dimpsey’s mother operated a private school called First Fount Nursery and Preparatory School… She was what you call a proprietress…”
Also, while it might be easier for children to have the author explain the meaning of complex words as she did in the book, I suggest the author takes off written meaning or explanation of words that readers can find in the dictionary on their own.
Aside from the few hiccups here and there, which will come clean with professional editing, ‘The Dimpsey Chronicles’ is an insightful, informative and educative book for children between age four and above.
The book is also recommended for teachers and parents, as there are a number of parenting and teaching tactics that can be adopted from ‘The Dimpsey Chronicles’.

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