Thursday, 28th October 2021
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Kitan: Creative, multi-talented kidpreneur

My name is Ewaoluwakitan Femi-Orekoya. I am eight years old, and a pupil of K. Kotun Memorial School, Surulere. I am a member of the multi-talented award-winning Kidprenuers group, called the K4s, which focus on promoting creative activities to encourage children develop their natural talent

Could you please introduce yourself?
My name is Ewaoluwakitan Femi-Orekoya. I am eight years old, and a pupil of K. Kotun Memorial School, Surulere. I am a member of the multi-talented award-winning Kidprenuers group, called the K4s, which focus on promoting creative activities to encourage children develop their natural talent, while also striving for academic excellence. The name K4 was developed from the acronyms of my siblings and I— Kunmi, Kitan, Kore and Kadun.

What else do you do?
I am a model, singer, dancer, TV presenter and a media influencer.The K4 journey started about four years ago among us. We used to sing, dance and act funny plays at home. Over time, we continued the fun activities with friends and cousin that came for sleepover. In the process, we realised that many kids don’t have the opportunity to be as expressive as we are. This gave birth to the talent shows evening activities in the house, before the official launch in 2018.

What are the challenges you have encountered so far?
The major challenge is the huge knowledge gap in the society, regarding the potential and benefits of supporting kids who are passionate about creative activities to express themselves. Most parents don’t understand their roles in their children’s learning journey beyond keeping them in the four walls of the school.

They see these natural gifts as exuberance and would shout at their kids or call them names, instead of studying and guiding them to positively explore those talents. Academics is very important, but children require other things to be fully developed.

Also, kids’ creative abilities and solution space are limited by the level of exposure. The difficult economic environment limits the amount of time and resources parents can afford to invest in helping us address that. I have had auditions and talent show programmes I was unable to attend, due to conflicting schedules on my parents’ part.

There are some event initiatives I have suggested to my parents, which they could not afford to finance presently, due to other more important needs I require for my academics and personal development. Hence, the limit on what and how fast I can grow my opportunities.

So, how do you solve the challenges?
My parents are my greatest fans. I wake up everyday praying to God to please bless them, so that they can be a blessing to me. I also try to be of best behaviour at all times to get their support for my other creative activities.

On a personal note, I spend a lot of time reading different materials about events around me, and seek my parents’ guidance on materials suitable for my age. I also ask many questions to get clarifications, maintain a can-do spirit and position my mind to see whatever I am doing beyond just my satisfaction, but as an opportunity to impact other lives. Above all, I ensure all my homework and other school assignments are done on time to enable me have time for fun activities.

Who are your role models?
My greatest role model is my mum. As a young child, I have always admired her spirit and view about life. She has always encouraged my siblings and I to be confident and feel free to express ourselves. She helps us to broaden our ideas and gives us opportunity to learn from our mistakes. More importantly, she taught us the important of loving others and always seeking opportunities to make our life a blessing to others.

My kid role model is Jojo Siwa, she is an American dancer, singer, actress, and YouTube personality. She is doing great things to showcase kiddies’ creative abilities. She is an example of talent well harnessed by the parents.

How do you balance school and other activities?
I don’t think there is really much difference between school and my creative life. To me, it’s all learning, and at this stage, I try to learn all I can. The most important thing is learning the right things at the right time. School times are strictly for academics, while the academic knowledge helps me to express my passion for other activities at my spare time.

Education is the basis of every achievement in life. So, I give it priority attention, and my parents have been a great source of help in balancing both worlds.

From where do you get your inspiration?
My greatest inspiration comes from success achieved so far in driving a revolution among parents, giving them reason to find expression for their kids’ talents and dispositions, which have been considered naughtiness.

Parents are now challenged to pay more attention to their kids and understand how their exuberance can be exploited positively without always resorting to punishing them for the mistakes and mess they create in their bid to express their creative mind.

Where have your talents taken you?
I have competed and participated in the Bournvita Tech bootcamp. I have also represented the K4s at the Kidprenuers Kidsbiz fair as a sales representative for the K4s yummy snacks and participated in the ongoing “Kidz got talent” show.

As a TV presenter, I am on the crew of Pineapple TV and have also featured on the “Readland Radio fun time” online radio presentation on WFM 91.7. Together with the K4s, I have walked “the boardwalk kids fashion show” runway. I am currently preparing for the Heritage Children Fashion (HCF) show. I love baking and doing bead works. In my academic sphere, I am currently the assistant class captain for my grade and doing well in all my subjects.

In recognition of my different endeavours, I recently received an award at the Creative Minds fashion show, where I made a presentation and also thrilled the audience with my rendition of the song Boomerang by my hero, Jojo Siwa.

What is your advice to other kids?
As children, we must give the most time to our study and obey our parents. Every child is blessed with a natural talent, which must not be allowed to waste. So, friends, please pay attention to your studies, as it will be the shining light to help you realise your passion. I am readily available on my Instagram handle: andrea kitan