Saturday, 23rd September 2023

GW Fiction

4 Nov 2017
“Daughters are the best set of children any man should desire at old age; daughters are wow (wonderful) to their fathers. Woe betide the father whose daughter(s) turned their back on him. It is just natural.
4 Nov 2017
For the longest time, I had been that girl that was stuck between the world that was thrust upon her by virtue of her birth and the world that she wanted to create for herself.
7 Oct 2017
Cue Stella McCartney who infuriated African fashion fans across the globe when she sent her lily white models (She used just the one black model) down the runway in prints and designs often favoured by women across the continent as daywear.
7 Oct 2017
“Yes thank you! When the Human Resource personnel at the company called I was so surprised. I mean I knew you would keep your word, I just didn’t expect you to go the extra mile”. He said.
16 Sep 2017
However, my overactive conscience refused to be silenced. Chigozie really needed my help and it was unfair to deprive him of a once in a lifetime opportunity simply because I wanted to win back Tunji’s heart.
16 Sep 2017
There are a lot of men that can be there for a woman in their own way (even as friends) but ladies frighten the hell out of such men by constantly pushing for marriage.
19 Aug 2017
My personal life suffered too of course. I would spend every evening rehashing the events of the day, every morning bracing for the day ahead, and almost every weekend in bed with a migraine or aimlessly slouched on the couch.
29 Jul 2017
As I walked into the elegantly decorated event hall, I was momentarily blinded by the flash from the numerous cameras around me. Trust Tunji’s mother to invite every major media house to her party.
27 May 2017
It was fun and a rewarding experience for all at the THE R.E.D. MOMENT Comedy Concert that took place recently at the SEE Events Centre in Lekki-Ajah, Lagos. Organized by Mrs. Lawretta Ogrih, Chief Executive of Ivory Whetstones and Mentors Foundation....
20 May 2017
She had finally addressed the white elephant in the room. I had been wondering if the new girl had been in the picture all along but I was too scared to ask.
20 May 2017
The African Women Power (AWP) Network recently hosted leading African women in technology to an engaging conversation on what it means to be a woman in technology.
29 Apr 2017
I had been with the same man since I was eighteen and had no identity outside of him. A few months ago, I had come back to Nigeria to plan a grand wedding and start a new chapter of my life.


15 mins ago
The Minister of Transportation, Sen. Saidu Alkali, has expressed disappointment over the slow pace of work on the reconstruction of the Eastern Railway Corridor by the Chinese Civil Engineering Construction Company (CCECC) Ltd. The minister made his feelings known on Friday when he inspected the progress of work done on the reconstruction of Eastern railway…
41 mins ago
Hundreds of protesters rallied in Sydney on Saturday against a plan to adapt Australia's constitution to enshrine Indigenous rights, ahead of a referendum next month. The crowd gathered in the city's Hyde Park railed against the proposal, which if it passes on October 14, would give Indigenous peoples the right to be consulted on policies…
58 mins ago
Jessica Burgess, a woman from the US state of Nebraska accused of helping her teenage daughter acquire abortion pills, was sentenced Friday to two years in prison, the New York Times reported. Burgess and her daughter were charged with working together to end Celeste Burgess' pregnancy last year. Jessica Burgess ordered the pills online and…
1 hour ago
The Russian-installed head of Sevastopol in annexed Crimea warned of a possible new Ukrainian missile attack on Saturday, a day after Kyiv hit Russia's Black Sea Fleet headquarters in the city. "Attention! Missile danger!" Sevastopol governor Mikhail Razvozhayev said on Telegram. "Close your windows properly and stay away from them," he said, asking commuters to…
1 hour ago
A US congressional delegation was meeting Armenia's leaders on Saturday to express support in the wake of protests rocking the small Caucasus nation after Azerbaijan reclaimed control over disputed Nagorno-Karabakh. The US embassy said the group will meet Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan and a handful of other officials "to discuss US-Armenian relations and the impact…