Wednesday, 1st December 2021
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Tobi Adegboyega features H.E Jewel Taylor on FW Forum

Pastor Tobi Adegboyega has adopted a proactive approach to the development of women and to support the progression...

Pastor Tobi Adegboyega has adopted a proactive approach to the development of women and to support the progression of young people through various opportunities over the years. He is currently pioneering a new generation of influential women to excel and serve their communities globally. With this vision in sight Pastor Tobi coordinates invaluable experiences to learn from inspiring leaders.

In a powerful and engaging conversation, Pastor Tobi led the largest female zoom conference with over 200 women and a special guest; Her Excellency Dr Jewel Howard-Taylor. Dr. Taylor who is the Vice President of Liberia is not only a strong stateswoman but strong pillar of the Christian community and a believer in women empowerment.

In the influential exchange, Her Excellency spoke on the call and purpose over her life to be a change agent and catalyst for generations to come in Liberia. The Vice President is a grass rooter and spoke of the values and principles that she has held onto, which have qualified her to be in the position that she is in today. She spoke of qualities of integrity, sacrifice, resilience and a lifelong commitment of service. She also discussed her work in policy changing and educating young girls on gender violence, safe sex and education. She did not shy away from answering questions on her transition from first lady to politician and her experiences of being exiled with her ex-husband and former president Charles Taylor.

“You have to be strong, grounded and committed to who you are. Everyone is watching you as a woman.”

She spoke of a familiar topic that is on women being marginalised and the continued fight for gender equality. Yet despite this obstacle and with a constitution still set up for a male dominated society she has been able to rise to the top. Speaking on the passion for her country she spoke of the progress that has been made over the past 15 years with women being given more opportunities to thrive. She stated:
“When women lose their seats in power, we all lose locally and globally. I dream of a unified nation, nobody left behind.”

The topic of unification is one that is close to the heart of Pastor Tobi who continues to make strides in helping women to collaborate. More of these conversations will be initiated by Pastor Tobi in order to level the playing field through connecting women from different backgrounds who are open to education and exposure. Pastor Tobi stated that; “I will be connecting people from a pedestal of power with people who aspire to be great, in order to share a platform, rub minds and engage in conversations that will lead to collaboration, progression and collective change”.

The forum will have presidents, vice presidents and senior government officials in order for women to have an understanding of government, politics and influence.