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26 Nov 2021
Africa as a continent has seen impressive economic growth in recent years. Many countries in the continent are thriving whilst others are still struggling with civil war or terrorism. In this guide, we identify the industries and countries that are currently experiencing growth and most importantly are becoming politically stable. In development terms, there are…
24 Nov 2021
Nigeria’s informal sector, a major source of economic growth, competitiveness and productivity, is neither taxed nor regulated by the government. Data reveals the economic activity within this sector provides 50% of the nation’s gross domestic product (GDP). Most of the jobs tend to teach technical and entrepreneurial skills, which help develop managerial competences in private…
5 Nov 2021
In a high disruption 4th republic that seems to thrive on high stakes socio political altercations, the Anambra governorship elections campaign season has played out on knife edge tension across all definable parameters. Just as nocturnal horse trading and rumored wild orgies of inducement shenanigans have precipitated carpet crossing at levels that have threatened to…
5 Nov 2021
The invention of Bitcoin and blockchain has paved the way for several transformations in different global economic sectors. The manufacturing industry is among the sectors currently experiencing those changes. While most people are familiar with Bitcoin and blockchain, few understand how they impact manufacturing operations. The following article explores how those innovations impact the manufacturing…
4 Nov 2021
The stoppage of forex supply to Bureau De Change (BDC) operators was long overdue. There had been unpatriotic and audacious abuse of their trade guidelines over the years. These actions weaken the Naira, encourages money laundering and promotes illicit financial flows from Nigeria to other jurisdictions. The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Governor, Godwin Emiefele,…
Buhari launch eNaira
29 Oct 2021
The 2008 global financial crisis was largely blamed on the radical optimism of new classical economists whose prescriptions allowed for the stupendous-albeit-spontaneous investment in the stock exchange and financial markets, which consequently granted unaccounted freedom for bankers' hubris. Except for Nouriel Roubini and Robert Shiller, it has been argued that most economists did not foresee…
28 Oct 2021
The number of the poor remains unacceptably high, according to the World Bank. At the same time, leaders have shared the economic growth benefits unevenly across countries and regions. Also, governmental collapse, civil wars, and economic chaos that play developing countries worsen the situation. Besides, economic factors are the primary poverty drivers. And these factors…
27 Oct 2021
On Tuesday 26th of October 2021, and on the margins of the second African Union European Union Ministerial Meeting in Kigali, Rwanda, which had in attendance about five hundred delegates including at least sixty-eight foreign affairs ministers of African and European nations, a side event took place which saw the Republic of Rwanda and the…
26 Oct 2021
I am an African youth and like many young people, I get uncomfortable each time I hear the common saying that the future belongs to young people or that they are the leaders of tomorrow. My exasperation is not unconnected with the ways young people are sparsely represented at the decision-making table, not unrelated with…
20 Oct 2021
First things first, writing about politics, its abracadabra, its luggage and attendant baggage, is not what I do (as one left that forte years ago.) And the primary reason for not writing about Nigerian, African or global politics is that as any noteworthy writer and strategic thinker who is worth his or her salt would…
20 Oct 2021
The Never-Ending Electorial Problem Elections in Nigeria have almost always been dogged by allegations of rigging, vote-buying, and ballot box snatching amongst a myriad of issues that have bedeviled the electioneering process since the return to civilian rule in 1999. Between 1999 and 2021, there have been at least six national elections and there is…
20 Oct 2021
In pursuance of the heinous onslaught of Osama bin Laden at the aftermath of September 11, 2001, the NATO troops and the US led Allies headed for Afghanistan; to pre-empt any further sordid event, and prevent Afghanistan from being used as a criminal hide-out to launch such deadly attack, even after apprehending Osama bin Laden.…


12 mins ago
Team Ogun darts player, Lolade Adeyemi, has said that her mission at the ongoing 21st National Sports festival in Delta State is to fulfill a vision.
48 mins ago
England set up a titanic World Cup quarter-final against holders France as Jude Bellingham's masterclass inspired a 3-0 win against Senegal in the last 16 on Sunday.
3 hours ago
Thousands of protesters marched in Morocco's capital Rabat on Sunday decrying the "high cost of living and repression", amid surging inflation and rising social discontent.
3 hours ago
West African leaders on Sunday told Mali's ruling junta to release 46 Ivorian troops taken prisoner in July or face sanctions, officials said.
4 hours ago
Lawyers for Reform Group (LRG) has taken President Muhammadu Buhari, Minister of Justice and Attorney General of the Federation (AGF), Abubakar Malami and the Executive Director of the Nigerian Export-Import Bank (NEXIM), Stella Erhuvwuoghene Okotete to court for violating the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Act in appointment into NEXIM.