Wednesday, 7th June 2023

Life & Style

2 May 2015
Call him jack of all trade and master of all you are not making a mistake. He is a fashion and beauty consultant, catwalk instructor and lecturer, and proudly calls himself an entrepreneur.
25 Apr 2015
ONLY great event planners produce great events. Whether you are planning a corporate event or any social event, large and elaborate or even small and intimate event, the greatest favor you can do yourself is to have a great event planner organize the event for you.
25 Apr 2015
BEDSIDE table can make your room more comfortable for you. Your bed looks more beautiful with bedside tables, depending on how you fix your bed.
25 Apr 2015
THERE is something you can do to make your bedroom more beautiful which many people do not know or how to go about it. Wallpaper is one bedroom decorating idea you can adopt to give your bedroom a refreshing look.
11 Apr 2015
IF you ask some people how their relationships took shape, many of them may say they took a leaf from their parent’s love lives. Good or bad. And it we should not deny it that our parents shape our love lives before they took off.
11 Apr 2015
THE habits and lifestyles of winners are worthy of emulation. Those who by inspiration and perspiration have become wealthy have memoirs which can help aspiring millionaires. Sadly, the mediocre do not seem to want to emulate these rich people. Instead mediocres become envious, detesting the successes and progress of the rich. Granted that the rich are often obnoxious, lousy and arrogant, this does not change the facts that they are successful.
11 Apr 2015
THERE are a few touches that can make your bathroom look comfortable and make showering a pleasurable, refreshing activity.
11 Apr 2015
The tablecloth forms an important part of decorative accessories in a home and events such as wedding and birthday celebrations. It is a decorative accessory that unifies the components of the table setting.
15 May 0202
Beauty means different things to different people just as style confers different pictures to different people. Curiously, oftentimes, many people tend to mix up beauty with style and vice versa. For Mimi Whyte-Femi, the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Skin Therapy Beauty and Spa, a leading brand in the beauty business, beauty and style…


5 mins ago
The Nigeria Union of Pensioners (NUP) in South-West zone has appealed to the International Labour Organisation (ILO) to factor in the welfare of pensioners in its mandate.
9 mins ago
President Bola Ahmed Tinubu (BAT) has beckoned on the European Union (EU) to help his administration fight against poverty and insecurity in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.
13 mins ago
Armed men have abducted a seven-year-old girl in Yangoji village, Kwali Area Council of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).
15 mins ago
Benue State Governor Hyacinth Alia Has Announced The Nullification Of Recently Employed Civil Servants in the state.
17 mins ago
An Osun Magistrates’ Court in Ile-Ife on Wednesday, remanded a 23-year old man, Amontrum Daniel, over alleged shop breaking and theft.