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Articles by Victor Asemota

27 Feb 2019
The Medici Family of Florence was a family of humble agricultural origins who later became one of the richest and most powerful with interests in banking and politics. 
6 Feb 2019
Years before entrepreneurs and venture capitalists discovered the deflationary effect of technology leading to discontinuities and disruptions, a 1991 Nobel Prize-winning Economist Roland Coase had found that the implication ....
12 Dec 2018
In 2008, Bill Buxton wrote an article where he described a concept known as “The Long Nose of Innovation.” The definition of that term and the premise...
28 Nov 2018
My late father asked me one day - What do you really do? He asked this shortly after we had started our company while doing my MBA program at the University of Benin. He was fascinated that I didn’t seek a regular job and had opted to start a business, but he couldn’t understand the nature of our business.
14 Nov 2018
My friend Ope Adeoye had a sum money that he set aside to invest, and he asked his followers on Twitter to help him choose between the startups...
24 Oct 2018
It has become very common in our part of the world to hear people say that they have this “tremendous” product idea and they are looking for someone technical to help them build it.
10 Oct 2018
Last week, a Johannesburg Uber driver engaged me in a conversation about technology and how he could get back to building a career as a developer after he had dropped out of school. I did my best to educate him on the multiple career paths available, but his interest was in the quickest route to…
19 Sep 2018
About six years ago, I was at a hotel in Nairobi for a Mobile Payments conference. I had a meeting at the bar, and I noticed that there were at least eight POS machines on the counter.
12 Sep 2018
Many years ago, I was sitting inside an investor’s office in Redwood City in Silicon Valley, and he asked me a question that threw me off-guard. He wondered if the returns on real-estate in Africa were not better than the returns on startups? His family had bought a lot of land in Tanzania for farming,…
29 Aug 2018
Olayinka is a Nigerian founder who has been struggling to build a unique digital commerce startup that brings traders in physical markets online. His initial efforts were very successful as he opted for WhatsApp...
8 Aug 2018
Ehis Asibor is a young man living the dream most people in diaspora aspire to live. He has a great job which enables him to finance tech startups experiments back home. His latest venture is, an online business accelerator and marketplace aggregator in one.....
25 Jul 2018
One of the startup founders who had just graduated from the first Google Launchpad Africa Accelerator walked up to me after the recent graduation ceremony in Lagos and told me...