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Articles by Victor Asemota

11 Jul 2018
Design Thinking has become the standard of successful technology products globally as it takes a “people first” approach to innovation. The key term in most definitions of design thinking is that it is “human-centred”.
20 Jun 2018
I have always said that the future of African fintech (Financial technology) is banking but the future of banking is NOT fintech. Buying or owning technology by the banks...
6 Jun 2018
I did a Twitter survey recently to find out if people would invest in a farmer or a tech startup founder? A majority of people opted for the farmer. I was not surprised; I wanted to gauge the sentiment of people towards early-stage investment in the tech sector. People believe it is easier to understand…
23 May 2018
Charles Mezu is a true polymath. An artist, former banker and founder of the technology company Palette Computers. He named his company after an art tool.
9 May 2018
I was in Nairobi for a week last month for Google’s Launchpad Africa, and I noticed a lot had changed in 15 months. There was a lot more real estate construction which indicated that the economy was growing.
18 Apr 2018
1999 was a big year for Nigerian technology. The fear of the Y2K bug and the drive by institutions to become compliant was a boost to hardware sales and software implementation.
11 Apr 2018
A couple of weeks ago, I decided to get a haircut in Lagos. After I finished, I realised that I had no cash with me, I only had cards and my barber Chika did not have a POS machine.
21 Mar 2018
Farida Kabir is a self-taught young female Nigerian software developer who runs a technology startup called “OTRAC” or “Online Training and Awareness Campaign”. OTRAC is an e-learning software platform and mobile application for African health practitioners. What is unique about Farida is that her NYSC year with the Federal Ministry of Health, Nigeria, was in…
7 Mar 2018
My cousin Osaretin Guobadia is a very dynamic person, and I struggle to keep pace with him. He left his Goldman Sachs investment banking job to come back home to lead change...
21 Feb 2018
Every early-stage tech founder I have met, freezes when the issue of company valuation comes up as it is an uncharted territory for them. They know that the effort they have put into building their company...
7 Feb 2018
In 2013, The Economist estimated that almost 25% of 15 to 24-year-olds worldwide were neither working nor in school. They also indicated that more than 50% are outside the formal economy. The emerging markets or “developing” countries have this particular problem, and it had led to a lot of social upheavals instead of the demographic…
24 Jan 2018
I finally saw Niyi Akinmolayan’s movie, The Arbitration, on Netflix recently. Even though it was fictional, it was the first Nollywood movie that I had seen with a realistic plot that involved the current Nigerian tech scene.