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Articles by Victor Asemota

10 Jan 2018
“The secret to business success is good sleep”. I don’t know if maybe that is already a quote somewhere from a great businessman or philosopher...
20 Dec 2017
There is typically a lot of confusion in determining what a product manager does in a technology products company.
6 Dec 2017
I gave a talk at a Masterclass organised by the MEST Lagos incubator last week on the topic of the future of African startup funding, and I thought it was important enough to share some of my thoughts on the subject with a broader audience. When I was in secondary school, our “Food Prefect” was…
15 Nov 2017
International House of Pancakes (IHOP) is a famous American food chain with outlets all over America. The fascinating thing about them is that their menus, processes, and decor are identical wherever you go in America.
1 Nov 2017
Paul Onwuanibe runs Landmark Africa, he left the global property and managed offices company “Regus” in the UK to start Landmark in Africa. Just like Regus, they also provide managed offices to companies.
18 Oct 2017
What will happen if 1 illion Technology teachers get trained in Africa? I asked myself this question a couple of weeks ago after I remembered my conversation with my friend Tunji in San Francisco. We were at the Google Launchpad Accelerator where his startup was one of the very first from Africa at the accelerator.
4 Oct 2017
It is very common for technology startups to seek visibility in the media. They feel it is the quickest way to “sell their brand.” Selling is very different from marketing.
20 Sep 2017
Google launched a new payments product in India this week, it’s called Tez. While I was surprised at the choice of product, I was not surprised at the selection of market to launch it.
6 Sep 2017
The “5 Whys” is an iterative methodology developed by Toyota to help get to the root-cause of a problem by just asking “Why,” five times in sequence.
16 Aug 2017
My friend Anie Akpe runs the movement called “African Women In Technology.” I have frank and honest discussions with her about my views and opinions based on my experiences.
2 Aug 2017
The last week was particularly exciting in the Nigerian technology space as Google put on a show. The CEO of the company, Sundar Pichai, even made a surprise appearance in Lagos for the very first time.
19 Jul 2017
Sometime in 2010, I met this interesting startup from Kenya at an event. They had built something that was badly needed to create a proper payments ecosystem and bridge the payments silos that were rapidly developing.