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Ahmadiyya opens new mosque in Lagos


President, Agege, Bldr. Ashimiyu-Towolawi (left); Amir, Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at Nigeria, Dr. Mash’hud Adenrele Fashola and President Agdingbi Jama’at, Pa Musemilu Yusuf at the commissioning Agidingbi Mosque, Lagos.

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at has commissioned a new central mosque located near the ancient mosque (built in 1945) in Agindingbi area of Ikeja, Lagos State.

Speaking at the formal opening of the Mosque, the Amir Ahmadiyya Muslim Jaam’at Nigeria, Dr Mash’ud Aderele Fashola said he was happy over the new development because the new mosque is bigger and more presentable.

He said, the new mosque would continue to reinforce the presence of Ahmadiyyah in the area, adding that the facility would provide for respite if any unfortunate occurrence claimed the existing ancient mosque in the future.


Fashola said the incessant killing in the country has taken sophisticated dimension, as some people are allegedly using religion as a potent instrument to destroy the country.

“People are material incline using all means to amass wealth and religion has been discovered to be a potent instrument to capture people. Though, They are using different instrument but religion is the major instrument they are using now because they know that when it comes to religion people are ready to die,” he said.

He said the religious leaders are assumed to be faithful and trustworthy, they have the power and position but they are using it at the detriment of their followers.

“You can see what is happening in the Middle East, the way people are killing without remorse. Is like the prediction of the prophet is coming to pass where the devil will capture the religious people and the religious leaders will be the worst creatures on the earth”.

He advised the masses to associate with sincere leaders and refrain from those leaders that are pursuing material goals. “They don’t represent God and His prophet. Look at the lifestyle of the prophets, they desist from materialism. No prophet of God seeks materialism or lives a luxury life”.

He urged the masses to emulate the attribute of God by being gracious, quoting the saying of the prophet that a compassionate person will find he or herself in paradise due to the good they do on earth, some will find themselves in paradise because they fed the poor and some find themselves in hell because they are capable of eradicating poverty but they refused.

He urged Muslim leaders to come together to demand good governance, if religious leaders are sincere, religious will unite the world because the objective of religion is to make us righteous, truthful, defend justice

“People fighting over religion are pursuing self-interest, diabolic interest. You will never see a true Muslim despising anybody in the neighborhood. I am a friend to all, I hate non,” he said.

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