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Family seeks protection against land grabbers 

By Godwin Dunia
24 March 2020   |   4:04 am
Okuniyi family in Ibeju Lekki, Lagos has petitioned the Inspector General of Police (IGP) over alleged threats to their lives, attempted abduction, kidnapping...

Okuniyi family in Ibeju Lekki, Lagos has petitioned the Inspector General of Police (IGP) over alleged threats to their lives, attempted abduction, kidnapping and criminal tresspass to the their vast family land by suspected land grabbers.
According to the petitioners, represented by Madam Idowu Okuniyi and Ayodele Okuniyi, the vast land is measuring approximately 700 acres and is situated and known as Okunlofi Village, via Ise, Ibeju-Lekki Local Government Area of Lagos. 
They claimed that it became vested on the Okuniyi family by way of inheritance from their progenitors, who were the first settlers on the said land.

The petition, written by counsel to the Okuniyi family, S. A. Oshodi, claimed further, “our clients’ predecessors-in-title have been in undisturbed possession, use and occupation of the subject property for over 200 years and have exercised various acts of ownership thereof.”
He alleged that some individuals who claimed to be members of Adegoroye family in conjunction with others have severally and criminally trespassed on his clients’ land. 
According to him, they have continuously been parading themselves as members of the Adegoroye family and have continued to destroy his clients’ properties on the land. 
“They have connived with others and have attempted to abduct our clients particularly Mrs. Idowu Okunniyi.

On September 25, 2019, these people carried out their threats and stormed our client’s house in company of four illegal police officers, who all carried AK 49 rifles and started shooting sporadically. They thereafter bundled madam Okunniyi with her husband into her vehicle, a Toyota Sienna and drove it in a reckless manner and sped away from the community, “ Oshodi said. 
He further claimed that the alleged land grabbers have continued to threaten his clients’ lives, which has caused them to flee the community till date for fear of their lives.
He said these activities are not unconnected with the current investigation of one Waheed by the office of the AIG Zone 2 in relation to the land tussle.
“During investigation, Waheed pleaded with the AIG FCIID, Alagbon for amnesty and that they will resolve the matter at the Palace of the Oba of Ise with our clients.

“But rather than return to the Office of the Oba, the suspects proceeded to petition the Intelligence Response Team (IRT) Abuja, who whisked our clients to Abuja, but the suspects were also unable to establish any criminal case against our clients.

“However, the file at the office of the AIG, Alagbon, Lagos had before now been forwarded to the Legal Department for legal advice/prosecution having concluded its investigation. The suspects were about to be charged when your good offices called for the file through the office of the IGP. Monitoring Unit, Abuja and we were being informed through one SP Funmilayo (PRO) Force Headquarters, Abuja, that our clients are wanted in Abuja.

“Upon our petition to the Inspector General of Police, The Inspector General of Police  directed SP. Funmilayo to return the file to the office of the AIG. FCIID, Alagbon for prosecution of the suspects who have hitherto been found culpable in the circumstances.
Oshodi claimed further in the petition, that a retired Commissioner of Police, who is a legal practitioner and stood surety for the suspects at Alagbon has now refused to produce them. He has continued to aid the fugitives who are now on the run, he claimed.