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Civil society faults minister’s stance on birth control


Minister of Health,  Prof. Isaac Adewole

Minister of Health, Prof. Isaac Adewole

• Claims Nigeria is killing 5.85m by contraception yearly
• Pills have 37 side effects including blood clots, cancers, gallbladder disease, depression, body odour

Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) have opposed the Minister of Health, Prof. Isaac Adewole’s plan to increase the contraceptive prevalence in Nigeria from 15.1 per cent to 36 per cent.

Speaking to the press in Lagos, was Director General (DG), Project for Human Development (PHD) Engr. Jerry Okwuosa, who believed the minister speaks under the influence of the West. He said: “After dozens of spirited but unsuccessful efforts to legalize abortion in Nigeria, our ‘culture of death’ ideologues are pushing for increased use of contraceptives for the following reasons to pull the wool across our eyes. Abortion is a messy business, which many doctors as conscientious objectors, no longer want to commit. Most modern contraceptives are powerful abortifacients. Women are oblivious of the horrendous side effects of these commodities.

“We are not surprised in the least by Prof. Isaac Adewole, because the PHD knew him before his elevation. When Adewole was nominated for ministerial appointment, we were wishing he would be made minister of education but not health because we knew his scant regard for embryonic human life.”

The group believed the professor is trying to be clever by pretending to be going for increase in contraceptive prevalence in Nigeria. “Aware of the several failed attempts to legalize abortion in Nigeria. They wish to achieve the same objectives through the back door. Because they want us to believe that increasing contraceptive use will reduce abortions.

“This is a lie. Can they mention any country in the world over that has reduced abortion by increasing contraception? Contraception increases abortion.”Okwuosa added: “The undisputed truth is that not only has contraception not lowered abortion rates anywhere; it has in fact increased. The manufactures approved conclusion that no contraception can guarantee 100 per cent effectiveness.

“Contraception is a slippery slope to abortion; hence once a woman is tricked into using contraceptive and it fails as they always do she will go for abortion because she considers the resulting baby a failure of technology and not her fault.”

Claiming that contraceptives cause abortion, rather than prevent it, the Director General stated: “It is because of their higher than expected failure rate. Birth control pills need to be taken at the same time everyday for peak effectiveness. You and I know there’s not a teenager in the world that does everything the same time every day.

“Contraceptives have become more available more efficient and more socially acceptable. There is no stigma and it is a neater way of killing babies’. Doctors don’t want to do bloody abortions they rather prescribe abortifacients and collect their blood money. Consequently, manufactures are producing more and more sophisticated and deadly abortifaceints to help the assassins.”

“There are 125,000 abortion everyday in the world, making abortion the commonest medical surgical procedure in the world. Followed by sterilization, but then 661 million women are on contraceptive. Based on the three percent, failure rate of perfect use of contraceptives. Contraception kills 652000 babies everyday that is 5.2 times the abortion carnage.

“Nigeria aborts an average of 1,125,000 babies annually. Using the world ratio of abortions. Nigeria is killing 5,850,000 by contraception annually.“To increase contraceptive prevalence from 15.1 to 36 percent, will take our contraception death toll to 13,947,020 annually that’s addition of 8 million deaths by professorial antics.” Okwuosa said that the greatest asset a country can boast of is its human resources, claiming that what Nigeria needs is improved standard of living not to reduce her population.

The group claimed the World Health Organisation (WHO) classified contraceptives as carcinogenic in a September 2015 report. In spite of the carcinogenicity, WHO routinely makes the unsupported claim that the health benefits clearly exceed the health risk. It is a thing of concern that women are putting cancer-causing chemical, which are in the same category as cigarettes and asbestos in the bodies daily.

The group advised the general public on the risk of using contraceptives saying that it is not only a tool to reduce Nigeria’s population that the drugs have over 37 side effects ranging from blood cloths, breast and cervical cancers, gallbladder disease, depression body odour, among others.

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1 Comment
  • EyeServis


    Since when has one civil society organisation become “organisations”?

    The scare mongering from the author (and publishers) of this piece is quite misleading in making it seem like a lot of or a number of CSO’s have combined to oppose birth control, which is obviously incorrect, the writer has only referred to and named only one organisation, so-called Project for Human Development (PHD) which is just the one organisation giving an opinion, its own opinion which is not necessarily the dominant opinion in any case.

    The dominant opinion is for information be made available as well as the choice whether or not to use contraception and whether or not to abort be made open to the individual to decide rather the overbearing and paternalistic attitude displayed by the author and the publishers (Guardian newspaper).

    Contraception and abortion just like everything else in life is always going to have its pros and cons which should be made clear to all and left for each person to decide whether or not to have each or any of it. It should be about choice. Not about some high fallutin government official(dom) or pretentious CSO (or whatever) of dubious origins and intentions muddying up the water and in the process narrowing the possibilities open to Nigerians.