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How sleep disorder causes musculoskeletal pain, by Mouka


Mouka Limited. Tonero Photo Agency. Photo: Mouka

A physiotherapist, Dr. Adegoke Akinfeleye, he said that sleep disorder or unstable sleep pattern can lead to musculoskeletal pain in the body. He said that lack of physical exercise, bad diet, and poor sleeping surface are major drivers of sleep disorders.

Akinfeleye made the remarks recently at a press conference and media tour of Mouka Foam industry Lagos, citing that scientific evidence has been able to link sleep disorder and pain.

He said: “it is also known that not having enough sleep develops pains because a person with sleep disorder becomes more pain sensitive. The major cause of difficulty in sleeping is sleeping on the wrong surface. People must learn to sleep on an appropriate bed and know when to change their mattresses and pillows.”


To avoid unnecessary pains and compounded problem the expert urged the populace to pay attention to how and when they sleep and to ensure good sleep hygiene.

He continued: “There many things that can determine sleep ethics. People who have low back pain are likely to have sleep disorders; it is also known that people who have sleep disorders have low back pain. There is a reciprocal association between sleep and pain.”

Akinfeleye said an adult should sleep between seven to nine hours in a day in other to wake up refreshed and energised

The physiotherapist said that it is not good to sleep too much and also not good to sleep for a shorter period because it affects human memory.

He noted that irregular sleep pattern is a huge problem, “Sometimes we sleep at 9 pm, another day at 11 pm. It is advisable to have a regular sleep routine and also sleep in a comfortable environment,” he said.

Akinfeleye continued: “When you do not sleep for the duration of hours ought to, it affects the memory, the endocrine system and for every activity. In an experiment when animals are deprived of sleep, they die. If such is replicated in a man, he will cease to live. It is important we sleep like we eat and drink.

The Managing Director, Mouka Foam, Mr. Raymond Murphy, said that Mouka foam would maintain its stand as the number one producers of healthy mattresses and pillows for quality sleep.

“Mouka foam has for 60 years now becomes a household name in Nigeria and will continue to ensure its products attain reasonable customer satisfaction,” he added.

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